One comment on “LEOH – May 2015 Update

  1. Dear Council,

    Many thanks for your interest in our concerns regarding the proposed reconfiguration of the Roundabout at the junction of Dell Piece East & Havant Road.
    Our pleas to both the Developers, Their Advisors & EHDC appear to have fallen on deaf ears,, and whilst Julie Manzi reported to Committee last night that adequate highway land is available that if required the Roundabout could be moved away from the Gospel Hall Entrance she made no attempt to support such a move.
    We would therefore love to interact with your team on this issue which is of the utmost of concern to us. Whilst HCC & the Developer say the proposed access to our site is “workable” it is distinctly inferior to our present access, inadequately designed for our existing let along our potential traffic flows & located such that our existing building & retaining wall are “at risk” without taking into account the disaster that could easily occur were an HGV to overturn at this point which is within 13m of our retaining wall – & 6m below road level.

    Jim Spencer – Trustee of the Waterlooville Gospel Hall Trust.

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