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  1. Good update Guy but those that read these bloggs and attended the last planning meeting will be aware of mine and that of others concerns regarding Water supply wildlife habitat and serious road usage affected by this massive concreting over of these large green and open spaces and the effect it will have on Horndean dwellers . Clearly this is Not a done deal. And I feel and sense Guy that you are now seeing what we objectors had concerns about. Like Linden Homes and the promised car parking for new yet to be ready surgery and spar shop and post office, it hasn’t happened. Will this be the same at Hazleton and Pyle Farms ? Time will shortly tell but at least HPC and EHDC have the concerns of Portsmouth Water Company to deal with , not like us mere meanies . Steve s

    • Hi Guy have now heard that 3 parking spaces are to be lost in the car park yet to be finished by Linden Homes, another developers promise not delivered, this car park as I said some months ago will not cope with usage for the yet to be finished new surgery, Spar and Piost Office, the entry and exit point is an accident waiting to happen and if the 700 plus school plus industrial units ever get built this car park will be gridlocked just as the Havant Rd will be. Regards Steve s

    • Good morning Steve, as we have debated a number of times here in the absence of a better (or least worse) location for our housing needs the next step is to make sure that the site that is developed is done so to ensure the minimum impact on the community and the best community facilities we can get. The local Councillors are putting in a lot of time and effort to look after our interests here, and have been for the last 2 years. You may not have read the article on the development panel which goes into some detail of the issues we are also looking at including biodiversity, footpaths, highways, schooling and more.

      I know you dont want LEOH to happen, and have no problem with different views, but please tell us what the alternative options are on the alternative sites? Our population is growing and we are living longer. The housing increase works out at a 1.5% increase in house numbers each year. Come on Steve, either tell us what the better plan is to provide our housing needs or come on board and help us make sure the issues are addressed well for the community.

      I hope to put up an article on the Gales Car Park shortly with the new proposed plans.


      • Guy it’s all about doing it right, now, it’s all about getting it right for the people who are going to be affected the most, that’s what is most important, if we are having to accept this massive concreting over because you and your colleagues keep saying we need more houses based on your government facts at least get the job done correctly and stop leaving us locals to live with the fall out like Hambledon Rd Wimpey site, Clanfield, Gales Brewery , you spent most of your time pushing these developments through and then the rest of your time trying to put right what you couldn’t get right in the beginning. Don’t let any building start until everything agreed is guaranteed and then maybe you won’t waste your time and ours sorting out the failings of what the builders should have done in the first place. Steve s

      • Steve, local Councillors are spending a lot of time making sure the Section 106 agreement is as favourable as it can be for the community. Currently the Parish Council is looking at the community facilities we will get and what they will include. We are pressing HCC for details on the school, when it will start to be built to ensure provision is made at the right time. We are working with Solent LEP to get the best opportunities for jobs and employment for our community and residents. The combined value of the community facilities, school etc we will be getting is about £10 Million. There are several blogs on this and perhaps it is time to listen to what we will get from the new development and support us in getting it?

      • Hi Guy hope you had a great Christmas. Sitting here listening and reading about the north of England being flooded and wondering what it would be like, very difficult to imagine how these people, families, old people, children, animals are able to cope. I just really hope we, the planners, the council and parish workers employed for us all, for our benefit, have got it right and can 100% state that the concreting over of Hazleton and Pyle Farms will not cause flooding in the surrounding areas. I would like to bet (and I hope I loose) that the area does get flooded and water supplies to the 300,000 does get contaminated.
        If the councillors and planners and developers can give us that 100% assurance it would go some way for us to accept this massive development and sleep easier but if it can’t , well there’s another story?
        What do you think Guy?

      • Steve, the flooding in Yorkshire is truly awful. Unfortunately most of the areas affected are in flood planes where it is also very likely.

        We do have areas that regularly flood – the Lavant, a below ground river that passes through Rowlands Castle does rise above ground from time to time. There are established flood plain areas where building is just not going to ever be considered. If you look at the rejected SHLAA sites you will find a load there.

        I think you are getting surface water flooding and contamination of the aquifer mixed up together – the risk with the aquifer is disturbing the sinkholes.

        Southern Water, Portsmouth Water and The Environment Agency are ok with development provided the developers provide extensive survey and design in the sinkholes. As I think I have said to you a few dozen times here, if they are not happy with the plans when they are submitted to discharge the planning conditions then the condition won’t be signed off.

        This includes Southern Water and the surface runoff.

        How is Porchester?

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