6 comments on “Litter Fines Start to Bite

  1. Brilliant now we need cameras at motorway junctions on and off and “Do”the driver even if he she didn’t throw the rubbish out they are responsible for the persons in their car. Keep it simple. And start putting their pictures on show Fine and Shame em!

  2. Where do I stand on throwing apple coe into hedgerows? I love the A31 because of all the apple plum trees along road, and think of all the small stuff enjoying a treat. just a point of law unsure on. Also do pick up other peoples clean rubbish if able to, like many other people.

  3. It’s not like sowing seeds so you would get done I reckon Sandra after all it could entice rats.

    • thanks Steve, thought most rats now days have bank accounts and don’t need to forage. take it I should not throw apple core into hedgerows then.

  4. How about a national campaign?
    This could include the financial details of cost of collection and disposal.
    After all, motorway rubbish can be generated by those who live x miles from here.
    At the same time, the dumping of rubbish on the roadsides is a scourge.
    It’s all part of the same problem, and so it’s about changing attitudes, I reckon?

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