9 comments on “White Dirt Lane Improvements Plan

  1. Still can’t believe that WDL is still getting this attention when the percentage of speeders compared to other roads. Southdown road, 90% of vehicles using it are speeding!

  2. I don’t believe that the closure of White Dirt Lane is viable option. It is used by many people from the Co-op end of the village to take their children to school and to reach Lovedean, Waterlooville and areas west of Waterlooville. Closing it will create a long detour for those who are regular users and result in additional traffic on the surrounding roads. Any consultation should include people who live on the lower part of WDL, Southdown Road and other roads at the bottom of the hill.

    • Guess what – you will be able to walk your kids to school up WDL. If your driving beyond the school, then the detour doesn’t matter unless your too disorganised to leave your house 5 mins earlier???

  3. My children are grown up now. And I agree that it is healthier for children (and parents) to walk to school if they can, but I know from experience to try to get 2 (or more) children to different schools, which may not be within walking distance of each other, can be logistically difficult and the only option may be to use the car.

  4. Anyone who use WDL will always feel that they have a valid reason to do so, and yes they have every right to do so as it is a public Highway. However this lane is not really wide enough in general to allow cars to pass each other. On most days when traveling on the road most users will use what limited vehicle pull ins( usually some ones drive) to allow other motorist to pass. Unfortunately some drivers treat the lane as their own personal race track and end up in the situation of Blocking the lane to all other vehicle’s. I do not want to see the road any wider that it is, as I feel that it would increase the traffic volume and encourage the use of heavy lorries. What we need are plenty of Vehicle pull ins and one or two speed Humps on the straighter parts of the lane. Has anyone carried out a survey of how many people are likely to Walk this lane if a Footpath is created. just for the record I do not live off WDL but a mile or so from it.

  5. I have a problem with HCC, my understanding is that England is a democracy, the result of the a questionnaire sent to all those that the council believed would be most impacted by any changes to WDL, was a resounding majority vote for closure however the stumbling block was access for the emergency services. We are able to land a spacecraft on an orbiting comet but the erection of electronic bollards, which are now commonplace is beyond HCC. I have viewed the sketch plan on the HCC website and the cost in manhours and materials for the construction of build outs, speed humps and a raised platform could be offset against the cost of the electronic bollards, I would also take issue with Cllr Guy Shepherd, I cannot see any provision for the protection of pedestrians or cyclists in this plan, with the road closed to vehicular traffic both a dedicated footpath and cycle path could be put in place, this would allow all residents whether living at the Co-Op end or near the church to access all the village facilities in complete safety. In the seventies I lived in Viking Way and both of my children either walked or cycled the 1.5 km or 0.9 mile to attend Catherington Primary school without coming to any harm.

    • Hi Keith, all good points and ideas. A short while ago HCC had decided to do nothing and I hope the final decision on the improvements makes a worthwhile improvement. It is worth emailing Cllr Marge Harvey with your thoughts. Guy.

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