13 comments on “Hazleton Country Supplies Plans

  1. Guy I know its hot but don’t get too carried away. I don’t disagree with all changes, some are right and just, but many are not and the few gain and the mas suffer. Steve s

    • Why not move the business to White Dirt Farm, keep the road open. Will be the best choice, don’t you think Guy. Regards Steve s

      • Steve, I was not aware there was free space at White Dirt Farm, are you saying there is? Im also pretty sure that Nigel Wren has looked at all of the local options, don’t forget he knows all of the local farmers very well.

        Im not sure why you are saying ‘keep the road open’ I think all posts on this have made it clear the road is not going to be closed unless you can tell me otherwise?

  2. We currently use Hazleton Country Supplies for food for our chickens. For us it is perfectly placed, it is on our route for the school run. The prices are cheaper than the pet shops in Waterlooville, and so this is why we purchase our supplies from Hazleton Country Supplies.

    If they move their business to Clanfield, I suspect they will enjoy less passing trade, plus it’ll no longer be on our school run journey.

    Rumour is that Waterlooville is that Waterlooville is to get a 3rd pet shop and so I expect to see a price war.

    I don’t have any better suggestions for alternative sites except to suggest they opt for a more centralised industrial unit.

    • Most people will use vehicles to purchase goods from this business, nobody will purchase on foot. White Dirt Lane looks the best option. What do you think Guy?. Regards Steve s

      • Hi Steve, as the sacks are 20kg, yes we use car. The school run for us is car only as well, perhaps I ought to have added that to the original comment.

        The staff at Hazleton Country Supplies are fab and load the car for my wife, though I get to unload it at the other end 🙂

        I don’t see White Dirt Lane as an improvement for us personally, though they will do what they need to do.

      • Steve, I think because of the weight of the goods they sell that 99% of customers arrive by car. I don’t think white dirt lane is a great option for anything as it is very narrow and most of our effort has been spent on discouraging traffic going on the lane so, no, I do not agree that White Dirt Lane is the best place for them but lets be sensible about it. They are a specialist local business for those who need their services, as they are being displaced by the LEOH development, lets do what we can to help them get into new premises and grow as a business.

        When you say White Dirt Farm looks like ‘the best option’ do you know if there is empty business space there? I am not aware this is the case.

  3. Guy yes agree let’s be sensible about this as we are trying to be re Sunley, Hazleton and Pyle Farm. This is a good business for the community and EHDC and HPC want it gone from where it is, so why don’t they put up an industrial unit on White Dirt Farm area , it is a road that it currently well used and a few extra vehicles, nowhere like the extra 2000-4000 we will be getting on the Havant Rd when the 700 homes plus other units get built over the next 10 or so years , will not cause to much of a problem and as you say lets really really hope and pray Sunley at Blendworth does not get passed by the Independant Inspector this coming Wednesday at Petersfield as that will really create a traffic problem on top of the problems to come?

    • Steve, White Dirt Farm is gap land which was one of the reasons not to build on it and how we have been able to protect it in the first place. Putting light industrial on there then leads to a precedence to build and a greater risk of housing. I do not believe it would get support for planning. Aside from that the planning process, cost to build, time to build, this would be over a year down the line for them compared to their current plans. you are also making very big assumptions about how they wish to run their business, the amount of money they may wish to invest in the land / building or if the land owner is interested in this. Nigel’s contact details are on the leaflet that was posted here, im sure they would appreciate the support and a call if you have ideas they might consider.

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