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  1. Worthy causes abound nowadays. Should we be comparing emotive specifics in this way?
    Are we to accept that public facilities are only to be built through developer contribution? If we need a new parish hall in Horndean and the council needs new offices then we could perhaps offer providing these facilities to a wider business arena than house builders.
    Perhaps businesses in the area could offer space to the parish council as a community gesture?

    A parish hall could perhaps feature in the scheme approved at Hazleton and Pyle Farm. Ample parking would be available and it could help to bring this large new part of Horndean into the community fold.

    Housing for disabled service personnel or, indeed, disabled people of any walk in life need to be considered in housing provision and is that not the purpose of including 40% affordable provision within this newly approved development.

    Retention of the two green fields off Blendworth Lane providing views of the landscape of The Cadlington Estate with its specimen trees and wildlife is, I suggest, a valuable community resource and a beautiful piece of our local heritage.

  2. Hi Janet, the Parish Council need quite a large building for their staff, countryside team and equipment. Perhaps 400sqm. There are about 8 employees and a lot of equipment to maintain the grounds. They are looking to remain very close to the parish centre so they are accessible by bus and much of the local community.

    For the merits on planning, it is a balance of environment, economy and social needs. I think EHDC called it right in refusing and hopefully this will be the final outcome.

    Thank you for the corrected date, I’ve updated the blog.


    • Agree with Janet why cant the HPC new building go into the Hazleton and Pyle concrete spread, as you say it only about 500 sqm of building but would reduce housing say or at least industrial areas . Also Guy have you heard Wimpey want to build 1700 homes over Clanfield way or has someone got it wrong?

  3. Guy, I appreciate that the parish council wants to be in the centre of the village, with access to bus routes as you say. No bus routes to the new development then?

  4. Hi Janet, The Land East of Horndean has bus routes and stops designed in and from earlier posts on this blog i think I have put on an article stating that EHDC will be looking to create some local bus routes to service communities that big firms like First and Stagecoach do not want to look at.

    Hi Steve, why not ask HPC what their plans are for the parish offices? For other readers of the comments, the rumor about 1,700 homes from Taylor Wimpey is just that – a rumor. Taylor Wimpey have not heard about it either so lets not put the idea about.

    • Agree Guy about rumours ,,with your knowledge of HPC workings would you not be the best person to seek info from at the same time dispelling any rumours about what they are intending to do? Also what’s happening with the Sunley appeal?

      • Steve, no, I am not the best person to speak to about HPC issues… The best person to speak to about HPC issues is one of your local Parish Councillors or the Chairman of HPC… you can always go to their meetings and ask questions in the public section. There is one tonight at 7:00pm at Jubilee Hall.

        The Sunley Appeal has been heard and the planning inspector has gone away to make a decision. Typically these things can take 2 or 3 months before we hear back.

  5. Guy, this one is still going around, you said we had our quota of building for years to come after the massive development at Hazleton and Pyle Farm was approved , do you still think Guy that this development at Blendworth will get booted out even though HPC would get a new parish office out of the deal? Regards Steve s

    • Steve, as my replies to you on here already I do not believe it will get approved by the inspector as we have our 5 year land supply and the Sunley development is in a gap and conservation zone.

      • Phew!! that’s all right then Guy thanks for your support and words of encouragement. Regards Steve s

  6. July 1st, 10am is the 4th and final day of Sunley’s planning appeal to build 40 houses on the land East of the Chuch centre in Blendworth Lane, in the conservation area, in a rural local gap, in the setting of a listed building Cadlington House. I hope as many people as possible will come along to The Rose Room at Petersfield Festival Hall, Heath Road at 10am to hear the closing statements from Sunley and EHDC.

    • Thanks for information yes I will be there and hopefully many others. I will put a message on Streetlife. Steve s

      • Heard today that Petersfield council are saying that there is no need to attend Wednesday morning meeting in Petersfield. If you care about Blendworth and the fact that Sunley and co are trying to build on this green infill please attend especially if you don’t believe the assurance from our local councillors that the build plan will get thrown out because we have our build quota with the new Hazleton and Pyle Farm estate.

  7. I was at the Blendworth Lane, Sunley appeal hearing today where Sunley submitted that the EHDC 5 year plan does not deliver affordable housing until the end of the term and this is a failure. Importantly, they claim that the Land East of Horndean site is undeliverable.

    How can we be sure that the 5 year land supply is bulletproof given that the section 106 agreement has not yet been signed and 35 conditions are attached?

    Sunley cited Portsmouth Water’s concerns of potential water contamination of the local supply being deferred until the reserved matters are dealt with as one of the major issues being delayed for decision until August. Thus LEOH isn’t yet deliverable and affordable housing is needed now.

    It would be intereting to hear your thoughts and those of anyone else who attended or is conerned that ‘all eggs are in one basket’ perhaps.

    • I attended to and felt it was for most a farce.It was nearly 5 hours of waffle. The brief for the council was good and quick to the point and coherent the brief for Sunley was the opposite but put up a very very strong case. This is far from over and any one Guy who says different is kidding themselves and all of us. Even the start time was wrong, it started at 9.30 when we were all led to believe 10. However the Inspector allowed a lady Mary at the end of the meeting to add her say. This is one if we believed others, not many would have attended I am glad 50 odd did!!! People have been saying The 700 is a done deal I’ve always said its not now we have possibly of a decimated lovey green area that should never ever be built on but now in doubt.

      • Steve, I understand the scheduled start time was 10:00 but from a post on Streetlife the inspector decided to start early as both parties were present? Dont forget this is not an EHDC organised hearing this is the planning inspectorate.

        As in previous posts on this EHDC wins 85% of its appeals and hopefully the inspector will support us on the application. I know I have never stated ‘it is over’ which is why I corrected you when you misquoted me as saying “Guy says it will be thrown out”. We have moved from a setting where the decision is debated in public by perhaps 15 members of the planning committee who live in the local area, to where one person will go away and decide in private. Very occasionally we do not get the right decision.


    • Hi Janet. The affordable housing at LEOH is delivered consistently through the development and 40% of it is affordable which is East Hants’ policy. I would not agree with Sunley that the 5 year plan does not deliver affordable housing until the end of the term but Sunley will look at any angle to find a route to sway the inspector.

      The Section 106 agreement is being worked up at the moment and is now the best part of 100 pages long. issues being discussed include for example the funding of road improvements to Havant Road (which has been added into the agreement).

      Yes, all of our eggs are in one basket with LEOH which in turn gives the best opportunity for strategic facilities.

      If the housing numbers in Horndean were made up from say 8 smaller developments then Sunley would only need to find a problem with one of those 8, then they could demonstrate a case that the housing numbers were not being met.

      If Land East Of Horndean had not come along then there were not enough other applications on other sites to make up the numbers and Blendworth Lane would have had to be approved at the planning committee.

      Lets hope the inspector supports EHDC.


    • Hi Steve, We were really pleased the inspector has supported the EHDC decision at Planning Committee – especially as this was recommended for approval by the case officer and overturned by the planning committee. If an appeal were to be rejected this is the risk area. A good result. Guy.

  8. Yes a great result Guy, trying to locate the Inspectors report as even though he has supported the EHDC decision he has made some very interesting remarks about LEOH which we all need to be aware of. Steve S

    • Hi Steve, The inspectors report should be on the planning portal for the application. im working on a blog article about the refusal now. I think the inspectors report was identifying that there are issues to address on LEOH including the finalised S106 9should be in the next few days) and the next steps including surveys etc. Guy.

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