27 comments on “LEOH Section 25 lifted

  1. So the Sunley appeal for 40 houses on the land off Blendworth Lane being held on Tuesday 9 June at Petersfield Town Hall will not be successful we can be assured given that Horndean has sufficient capacity in place.

    • Hi Janet, that’s exactly the position that EHDC are taking. EHDC wins about 85% of its appeals so we are in a very strong position. The Section 25 being lifted helps here too. I’m blogging the Sunley appeal details tomorrow, thanks for the Twitter reminder! Guy

  2. Is it right Guy that Sunley application will now get turned down again as it would seem the 5 year district plan had been met?

    • Hi Steve, across the district we now have about a 6.9 year supply so EHDC can very robustly refute the need for housing and stress the harm of building in the conservation zone. Yes, we should be as confident as we can be about our position. It is worth reading the blog on the appeal that a wrote a few months back as Sunley have tried asking the inspector to consider alternative plans too which is very unusual. It will be an interesting appeal.

      Incidentally when we achieved the 5 year housing supply it became routine to refuse large strategic applications outside of the settlement policy boundary and the advice to land owners considering it is ‘Don’t Bother’ so this should be one of our last local appeals.


      • Ok but have heard wimpey are trying for 1700 over clanfieldway or is this hearsay??

  3. Hi Steve, I have heard nothing about Taylor Wimpey and 1,700 homes at Clanfield, or indeed anywhere in our Southern parishes. We have our housing allocation, and it would be laughed out of EHDC at every step. I’m quite certain Wimpey haven’t heard of it either! Guy.

  4. Hi Guy, your obviously aware of the huge development starting at the junction of A3m Hulbert Rd, do you think the LEOH and this development will meet?. Also what do you think about the guarantee of employment put out by PCC and HBC will stand up being some 3500, and will these industrial units along with those at LEOH ever get tenanted or do you think future tenants will be given 10 year rent free periods as offered recently by PCC in order to get their Buisness Rates covered. Steve s

    • Hi Steve, Yes, am aware of the development at Hulbert Road, and Watrlooville, like us has to increase its housing numbers to suit its own population needs. I don’t think anyone sensible will start putting about suggestions LEOH and anything in Waterlooville will meet, no.

      As to LEOH you need to be more imaginative than just business units. there is an opportunity to see if we can get a skills centre to help train our young people. a business enterprise building to help the firms that work from home make their first steps, and some small office / workshop spaces like Enterprise industrial estate. I’d be rather surprised if any organisation were offering 10 years rent free… perhaps you can provide a link to this… that is not very good business sense.

      Horndean is a dormitory town where most people travel out to go to work. Doesn’t it make sense to use this opportunity to create local jobs?

      • Look to PCC Guy they did it with Ben Ainslie and the person they removed from the site now being built on! Do you feel comfortable that the industrial units will be filled by this site and the other about 3 miles away? Steve s

      • Sorry Steve, What did PCC do with Ben Ainslie? I think you were going to say where PCC had given units away rent free for ten years?

        I’m not sure why you are focusing on industrial units, there are too may opportunities to try for here which i listed below. A skills centre, enterprise unit, small office / workshops. I do not believe we want ‘industrial units’ on LEOH and am not keen to explore them as an option. I don’t think I ever have. There are enough of these on Hazleton interchange and a few that are available for rent.

        Ultimately whatever we see put in place will be business led and not just built ‘in the hope’ that a end user will rent it.

      • Apologies, yes rent free for ten years on admiral yacht site and ten years rent free on site given to the previous site user plus a £350k hand shake. Glad to here you state no industrial units at Hazleton or Pyle sites Guy. Steve s

      • Hi Steve. If you have a link to something that describes the detail of the Ben Ainslie centre I’d be interested in reading more. Personally I think it is an ugly building in a poor location and out of place with the old Portsmouth setting. The high rise boat storage is out of place there too.

      • Could try referring to past Portsmouth The News, quite common knowledge in Southsea and not only a very large ugly building but has now taken over the car parking area and the public slipway is out of use as nowhere to put trailers. Once again council taken control and past and took over before planning approved. Steve s

  5. Agree not in keeping yet seen so many times once our councils and planers get their own way

  6. Guy,
    Do you have any news on the fate of the Nash Hall? I remember it was talked of as the new home of HPC at one time. I walk past it every day and am sad to see it not in use as I believe it to be a community resource.

    • Steve, As a parish Councillor a long time ago I was the lead role in getting Nash Hall offered to the Parish Council as part of the development. A village centre location, it would have been ideal for the Parish Council. After leaving the Parish Council several years ago, the last Parish Council decided it was not for them so the option was never taken up. The Section 106 agreement said that if the Parish Council chose not to take the building on than Linden Homes would make a payment of £160,000 for community use instead, which they have done. I think it has been bought by a local businessperson.

      • Ah, Sorry Janet, that was your question about Nash Hall! personally I’m sorry it was not taken up. It could have been a great location for the offices. Guy.

  7. Thanks for this update but what’s happening with Sunley application which I now hear had been put back until July and they are now trying to cram more homes on the lower field at Blendworth. I thought we were all promised that if Hazleton and Pyle Farms got concreted over with 700 homes plus now 2 schools and all the other public uses that would be our lot for years to come. Please confirmed we have not been hoodwinked?
    Steve s

    • Sorry Steve, not quite right. I don’t believe there is any application, but the appeal that was heard on the 9th June will take several months to be decided, just like the Lovedean Lane Appeal. The decision is awaited, so no, no hood winking here either. I’m not sure where you get 2 schools from??? there will be a 2 form entry primary school.

  8. Also Guy the massive development on the A3motorway junction to Waterlooville and Havant has nothing to do with housing it has everything to do with employment and between 3500 and over 5000 jobs have been put about because there is high unemployment in the area , this is on green land as well. Guy who makes these statements up?

  9. I also hear that Crookley Park (Blendworth Fabrics) has resurfaced despite a rejected application and land supply in place. I suppose this is the property development business.

    • Hi Janet, The application was refused on the 1st May and as far as I am aware there has been no appeal. Can you tell me more about what you have heard as there is also no application on the EHDC planning portal either? Given the 5 year land supply, the poor choice of location and the issues with their initial application they would be silly to waste more money following this up, but some people do choose to do this. Guy.

  10. Hi Guy thanks for your replies however you replied to me on one which Janet Prowting had raised , no problem. The employment question was about Dunsbury Development. The sunley planning was raised by locals, so as far as you know this application is dead in the water as we have already got more than our need with the mass at Hazleton and Plye Farms? The fact that they have now tried to cram more onto the lower field in Blendworth will not stand up and that nothing is going to be decided in July ? Steve s

    • Hi Steve, I did reply to Janet. As she has also commented on the ‘LEOH Section 25 article lifted’ blog she sees all comments on that topic as do you.

      The only information on the Sunley Application I know of is that we have had the appeal hearing, and it is currently taking several months to hear back. Id be very surprised if we heard in July as these are currently taking up to 3 months to hear back. If you read the blog articles on this application you will see that Sunley had tried to have two alternative schemes considered by the inspector at the same time and EHDC.

      As to employment needs at Dunsbury Farm, why not contact Havant Borough Council? That is the right organisation to speak to?

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