2 comments on “Article 4 Field Lovedean Lane

  1. I am really disappointed about this – as while I appreciate that the public have no ‘right’ to access this land it has provided a useful and safe off road place to ride horses in an area with a lot of horses and very few places to ride safely off road. The area has a lot of agricultural land and plenty of places to graze cattle and grow crops, it seems a shame that the one bit of land that can actually be accessed by people for safe recreation has now been turned into more agricultural land. It is also a shame some of the other local land owners could not see their way to being a little more generous in allowing access to the edges of their land for horse riders and dog walkers. In this instance I am sure it would have been possible to provide a path around the edge of this field to allow people to still use it.
    I would be pleased to discuss with you what better provision can be made in the area for horse riders who are your constituents too.

  2. I own a plot here and was shocked to see my land and that of 2 colleagues being used as farmland again, without any consultation. We are deliberating on what action we can take, and would like to take, as clearly this is not acceptable. If Gladwish are acting as arbiters selling these plots to farmers at a commission then I understand your advice, otherwise I fail to see why they would have an interest? My colleagues and I would be very happy to discuss with the Farmer concerned to see if we can find a mutually beneficial outcome.

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