4 comments on “Horndean VE Day 8 May 1945

  1. I have just been catching up on the Horndean and Catherington news and the work on the area in wartime. The map of military deployment interesting especially as it has the RAF Regiment mentioned, If up dates can be made there was reputed to be a mobile Hygiene (bathing) unit in Catherington in 1944 which disappeared when the invasion started

  2. I was at that party in Morley Crescent, my mother is the lady on the right in the turban and a cardigan over her dress. I am the small child leaning on her, and my brothers and sister are the other small children between Mother and the lady to the right, who may be Mrs. King. My grandparents, Mr and Mrs Dust lived at no 18, Morley Crescent. My brothers opened our door during an air raid and got blasted back into the house. They also collected shrapnel and aeroplane “glass”, from which someone used to make rings. We lived with my grandparents while Father was away at war, and then in hospital, wounded in Italy, we attended Padnell Avenue school.

  3. I should have said Mrs King(?) may be the lady to my mother’s right, but to her left on the picture, near the centre, of course.

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