4 comments on “April 2015 news letter

  1. Dear Guy,

    I am an ex-resident of Horndean. Spent my childhood living in Five Heads Road, and my early adulthood at the Ship & Bell. I have great affection for the Parish and it is largely through your emails that I, sort of, remain in touch with the village. The reason for writing is that I know elections are looming. I do not know what your political views are, but it is evident that you have worked very hard on behalf of your constituents and I wish you well in your search for re-election.

    Best Wishes,


    • Thank you Mike for the kind words! The next 4 years, if I am back, will be an exciting period where we focus on the community facilities at LEOH and hopefully see the end of the rush with speculative development!

      Best wishes


  2. May I add to Mike’s thanks. Guy and I don’t always see things from quite the same angle but, though he is not my ward councillor, he has never failed to respond to any queries I have had, not just with words but links to the appropriate places on the EHDC planning site etc. The amount of time he spends on parish work is quite phenomenal and as Mike says we have never been better informed about what is going on in our parish so a plea to those who may not agree with him – disagree but do it nicely – remember people do have feelings

  3. Thanks Jean, that’s a super statement and one I fully agree with. We all have different views and I think discussing them and finding (where possible!) consensus is vital! I am always very happy to hear and share views. Thanks! Guy.

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