6 comments on “LEOH Planning Meeting Reminder

  1. Like I have been saying and repeated yesterday when I refered you and other to this on The News page 11 last night, it’s not a done deal

  2. So it is hello Horndean New Town, goodbye Blendworth. 700 buy to let opportunities and a lot of promises.

    • Your right Janet that the 700 plus all the other bits that we don’t need,but B2L no so sure about, this area is not high enough on the rental yield factor. Waste of ones life tonight I thought and if that is how the Ehdc conduct themselves then I pity us all, pompous arrogant pig headed and some did not even know what was being proposed at some point, HBC well apart from one lady the rest need to wake up to their responsibility and stop playing lip service to the crowd.

      • Guy just had a thought why don’t you support our friend and his Horse food business etc at Hazleton Farm and suggest he moves to White Dirt Farm the road provides much better and safer access and assuming they don’t close the road off would provide all round service to the horse community etc in the area and beyond, what do you think? Just one other matter Guy, am I right and correct in thinking that Sunley will not get to build in Blendworth as you previously stated, as the area as a whole has its housing quota for the next 10/15/20 odd years? Regards Steve s

      • Steve, I was not aware there was free space at White Dirt Farm, are you saying there is? Im also pretty sure that Nigel Wren has looked at all of the local options, don’t forget he knows all of the local farmers very well.

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