44 comments on “Land East Of Horndean – Approved

  1. Guy, hoodwinked and lied to! The panel of Ehdc did not know all the facts when asked , do you agree? Christ the pictures alone were a joke, brushed out cars? Brushed out animals, Giuy did you fall for it, did you friend who turned up
    Late fall for it?,. Plus Guy do you think children will really use the push button to cross the road properly ,? Do you thick there will be increased facilities?Come on Guy tonight was a joke , fact, lies,fiction forgone conclusion a pantomime , 2 hours of my valuable time wasted.

    • Just a shame this wasn’t around when other piecemeal developments like Gales Park were approved, giving nothing to the community in the form of facility.

      If we have to have the houses, this is better than bits and bobs here and there that do not add anything or bring any benefit to the community.

      Yes we would rather be left alone but if central government is making this happen, this is as best solution as we can get.

    • Brushed out cars and brushed out animals? You really are full of it Steve. I don’t have a problem with people opposing a development and raising rational comment but there is no merit whatsoever in most of what you say.

  2. Will be interested to hear more about tonight’s meeting we unfortunately missed. This will be a new settlement, not part of Horndean at all. With all their own facilities.

    • Hi Caz, the shops will be a selection of local stores and Residents will use Horndean for the post office, surgery etc. Don’t forget though that the new community facilities will be there for all of us. 21 Hectares (50 acres) of public woodland as well as the community building, pavillion, playing fields etc. Guy

  3. I attended the planning meeting this evening and was disappointed that at no stage was the impact on Blendworth mentioned or has it just been subsumed into Horndean now?

    If we accept then that Horndean New Town will likely be accepted (whether or not it is the least worst option as you say) I would be most interested to understand under what circumstances the applications (plural) in Blendworth Lane could be approved.

    • Hi Janet, the Sunley application on Blendworth land was rejected because half of the site is in a conservation zone, and also highways access. It is currently at appeal and we hope the inspector will uphold the decision.

      Crookley park has extensive tree canopy and while there is access through the gales site the second access on Blendworth lane remains a concern.

      I very much hope we can Block and further major applications.


  4. Agreed Andy. Piecemeal developments would result in zero community benefits but still all the issues like increased traffic. The community facilities won’t just serve the new development but the surrounding areas also. My gripe will be the junction traffic lights. I think it’s a tragic waste of money and disruption to install traffic lights when there are bridges to the north and south of the site to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

    • Agree, there will be accidents and fatalities waiting to happen. We can only hope that which ever government is in power sees the sense and blocks this crazy development.

  5. Agree with Andy and Jan.

    I’m a great supporter of wildlife, and if asked I would say ‘no’ to any more local building as I think Horndean has been the ‘golden calf’ for developers for many years, without any thought but profit, it appears.

    I am less inclined to disagree (double-negative intended!) with an application if I can be sure that developers will fulfil their promises. So, for this reason, I am minded to say that LEOH has its merits, so long as the developer fulfils their commitment on facilities and amenities promised.
    I am also a regular visitor to Blendworth and support Janet’s concerns about keeping the village free from any development.

    Thank you Guy, for your commitment to seeing that promises are kept….. and our belated apologies –
    unfortunately we could not attend last night’s meeting as we’re recovering from ‘flu…

  6. Interesting part played last night and you can’t make this up, the panel asked if the proposed lights would not course further Grid Lock with a guess of extra 4000 vehicles coming off and on the motorway and the answer from the EHDC was, confusion and muffled responce with the buck pasted along the panel and this is the good bit when the responce was ” so more gridlock then ” they still voted in favour, policitcaly driven or what?? One even asked what a Sink Hole was! and this proposal has been on the table for months and only thought to ask now when the lives of 300,000 water drinkers could be affected. Pantomine with amature actors. I feel a lot of people will live to regret last nights performance, the ones who made the decision don’t even live next to this massive new village. We have still time to voice our concerns to the Secretary of State and the ballot box, this is still not a done deal.

  7. At last nights planning meeting I missed this remark from Horndean Parish who stated only Ten (10) cars will come of this massive estate of which it agreed up to and possible more than 4000(four thousand) vehicles will come on and off the motorway to leave and access it, will use the Havant Road, I don’t believe you believe this Guy? Someone must have coughed but having the mic off some of the time didn’t help. Complete and utter farce . Please folks show your true feelings at the ballot box and let’s hope the next governments Secretary of State refuses this development.

    • Steve, I know you didn’t say you heard it so let me correct you. No one from HPC stated that only 10 cars would go south down havant road in rush hour. It was a sentence in a report that one of the planning committee queried, and rightly too. The highways officer from EHDC agreed this was incorrect. This is something I am following up as the Section 106 agreement is drafted. if the highways report really says that then it needs amending and the road rechecked for its capacity. Guy.

      • Sorry Guy your right he corrected himself and said 20 vehicles will be using the Havant Road, you couldn’t make these stories up, if it wasn’t such a serious concern I would have laughed throughout the farce of a meeting. Re the Blendworth sites I heard that the developers always wanted the bottom open space and that is what will finally get agreed, ? Will you 100% state that all the facilities will get built and provided at the New Horndean village? And at the same time as the houses and industrial units are finished or will it turn into the same situation going on at Clanfield?

      • Steve, Again just not right at all.

        ‘He corrected himself and said 20 vehicles would use Havant Road, you can not make these stories up’ Not correct. The Highways officer from HCC agreed that the sentence in a report stating 10 additional vehicles an hour would use Havant Road agreed this was wrong. he did not state it was 20. yes, someone is making these stories up.

        ‘Re the Blendworth lane development I heard the developers always wanted the bottom space and that is what will finally get agreed’ Steve, if they had only applied for the bottom space they would have had a far better chance as they would not have included the land in the conservation zone, so you are wrong otherwise they would have done that the first time and been far more likely to be successful with a much smaller development. The appeal for this does not start until the 6th July and the planning inspector has not yet heard any of the evidence, so I am mystified where you have got your inside information from as the planning inspector who will hear this has not opened the hearings yet!

        ‘Will I 100% state that all the facilities will get built at LEOH’ erm… I think you know I have publicly stated that if they are not, I will not stand as a Councillor again. I know you confidently state that community facilities will not get built but you have NO merit in stating this whatsoever. Stonechat resulted in Jubilee Hall and Jubilee fields. Green Lane results in a leisure centre, 2 football pitches, community meeting rooms, Multi Use Games Area, Allottments, open park space and play areas. Here is a link to the post confirming this just 3 weeks ago https://horndeanmatters.com/2015/03/23/green-lane-community-facilities/

        ‘Will it turn into the same situation as Clanfield’ Steve I know you know the community facilities at Clanfield are being built out as you commented on the post saying ‘Well done to all concerned’…

  8. Steve,

    I’ve been following your comments with interest, new housing on any scale is always going to cause a difference of opinion, the problem is simply we just need more housing.

    The other sites locally that where put forward as infill land are themselves even worse as a option with location and access, on to even smaller roads, if these went ahead you would still have extra traffic coming off the motorway and then onto smaller roads locally, so this site buy position alone is a better option, You seem to be very passionate about this so please

    What do you think the alternative is, as the housing quoter has been set buy government and we need to build somewhere, you did say closing the boarders on one post, but we might struggle with that .

  9. Steve

    Good ??? This isn’t your usual detailed response
    as you’ve stated on different posts you haven’t got a plan
    B,so what are we to do ,give a ( balanced) view on where to build,
    None of us really like change,I didn’t partictully like
    What’s happened in the villiage and also
    Along havant road,but understand we need housing, but change
    it’s inevitable I’m afraid weather we like it or not.

    • Sorry yes, no we don’t need all these houses, that’s my opinion, we are feed stories about the need for extra housing because our area has people needing places to live in, wrong wrong and so wrong, if that was the case we would not have empty new houses still not sold, would we. Do you hear of guzumping? As a person recently stated if 300,000 immigrants came to England they would need 300,000 placed to live, er why not Not let them come?

    • Just heard, and your love this one Not, because Lindens did not do as they agreed to do when the sought planning to build and develope Gales Brewery and were taken to task by our so supportive councillors and told to get on with what was agree where the new surgery is, they say n their rears having said sorry we will do as we were told But now it’s been agreed by our councillors not to force them to do their job. Another case of local councillors saying dont, don’t you worry we will sought this out, and here we are several months later having been lied to and hoodwinked. And nothing is going to happen. Roll on Election Day !!!

      • Sorry Steve, totally incorrect. You have recieved an email via Homewood from a local resident asking why the planning website has ‘No further action’ on the enforcement for the Gales site car park and is concerned that the car park is not going to be fixed. Here is the link below.


        Instead of waiting for fact or any response you are now putting it about that the carpark is not going to be fixed. Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong.

        The problems with the carpark were notified to Linden Homes last year and when they did not respond properly enforcement action was initiated by EHDC. This gave them a 4 week period to respond. Linden formally replied in writing that they accepted the carpark was non compliant, and agreed to put it right. Since then there have been meetings with EHDC officers and Councillors, and drawings tabling 4 different options have been put forward by Linden. The enforcement action has been dropped as they have committed in writing to putting it right and are taking steps to do so.

        In the next 2 weeks I will be posting these 4 options on the blog so keep watching here to see what really is going on.

    • Hi Keith, Steve is very concerned about people moving into the area from outside Horndean and into new developments. Ironic as he has moved into the area from outside and bought a home in the New Gales Park development on Havant Road. This displaced the wildlife on the field which he is concerned will happen at Land East Of Horndean.

      EHDC has to plan ahead for out housing needs between 2011 and 2028, an 18 year period. Our housing need in this 18 year period is about 60 homes per year. This is a 1.2% increase every year on our current 5,200 homes that are in Horndean. This is the same sort of increase that all of the adjacent local authorities are planning.

      The responsible thing to do is to plan them in and ensure that we get some great community facilities to go with them which is the case at Land East Of Horndean.

      We are living longer, so need more homes. Families have on average more than 2 children, so we need more homes. There are fewer people living in each home than 10, 20 or 30 years ago, so we need more homes. Responsible governance means we plan these in and ensure we get the facilities needed with them so the community grows.

      • Guy come on I have never hidden the fact that I live in a house that was built on a slopping field where no trees have been Ripped out of the ground a field that served no purpose. On to Lindens Guy so are you saying that no further action is being taken by EHDC ?

  10. Steve, No… You are telling us that EHDC and Linden are taking no further action to rectify the car park, that EHDC have dropped it and that the Councillors have let this go. I am telling you this is wrong, wrong and wrong and that following enforcement proceedings against Linden Homes that EHDC now have plans from Linden giving 4 different options for a redesigned layout and are going to be following up on which option they will allow. These will be reviewed at a meeting shortly and a decision made if they address all of the issues. Your statement EHDC are taking no further action is completely wrong.

  11. As the person who sent an email to the councillors expressing concerns about an entry in the EHDC planning section which seemed to indicate no further action being taken on the Linden’s site I now have to apologise for, having had a very quick response from Guy, I now understand that the ‘No further action’ refers to there being no further action on the enforcement order taken by the council as in fact Lindens had responded to that within the specified month. In fairness though I have to say that the entry on the EHDC website was confusing and, obviously as a very concerned resident about this site, I felt angry to think that nothing was going to happen. I understand Guy has contacted EHDC planning re this. Still got fingers crossed so awaiting eagerly to see something happen, as happen it must

  12. Went for a normal walk this evening from Rowlands Castle Road through Blendworth and down to Horndean Portsmouth road and saw a Deer in fields to side of Blendworth Church, doubt if I’ll see one again soon?

    • It was probably one of the ones that used to live on the nice field on Havant Road Steve where your new homes was built on that lovely field that used to be in the middle of the village. You of course wont appreciate this as you live there but the community was very sorry to see that field built on as it was a key area of open green space in the village.

      You must acknowledge the irony though, Steve, as a new person who has moved into Horndean into a new home built on a green field which has displaced wildlife who is then complaining about people moving into the village buying new homes built on open space that have displaced the wildlife.

  13. It’s getting worse,EHDC could be about to agree yet another concrete mass at RC even though Portsmouth Water are objecting because of possible water contamination. It seems once again EHDC know better than the experts. No different than at Hazleton And Pyle Farms. You couldn’t make this up!!!!

    • As usual we can rely on Steve to provide half the information, and for it to be wrong. Here is a link to the Rowlands Castle application committee report: http://easthants.moderngov.co.uk/documents/s3938/EHDC%20Part%201%20Section%201%20Item%201%20Land%20south%20of%20Oaklands%20House%20Rowlands%20Castle.pdf

      EHDC when they receive an application notify a number of organisations including HCC, Parish, Southern Water, SSE, EA, Portsmouth Water etc. Organisations like Portsmouth Water which have a concern will raise an objection. The 12 week consultation process allows the developer and the consultee to see if they can agree terms to remove the objection or not. Since the objection letter from Portsmouth Water they have had discussions with the developer. EHDC will NEVER overrule a concern from Portsmouth Water about the safety of our water supply and the detailed planning stage will require further information to be submitted if that stage is to be approved.

      So you can see it for yourself, the recommendation is as follows which is copied and pasted from page 32 of the report:

      a) Subject to no objection being raised by the Environment Agency or Portsmouth Water to
      the amended information
      , then
      b) the Solicitor to the Council be authorised to draw up a Section 106 Agreement and
      provided that by 25th June 2015 all parties enter into the Section 106 agreement with the
      District Council to secure the following:”

      Quite simply if Portsmouth Water raises any further objection to the amended details provided by the developer then the planning application can not be formalised.

      Steve also knows, as he was at the meeting where Land East Of Horndean was discussed that Portsmouth Water and the developer WYG agreed control methods to prevent contaminants entering the water table and these were written into the planning permission.

      Steve, you need to start posting fact on here as it only discredits you.

      It is also worth noting that The Gales Park development on Havant Road (where Steve has bought a new home which was built on green field land, displaced deer and wildlife) is also on top of the same aquifer as is most of the south of EHDC and the same issues and control measures applied there too.

      • Wrong wrong and wrong again Guy you are distorting facts and yet again trying to Hoodwink us. You know where I live I have never hidden that fact. Guy you promised to resign if the community facilities don’t get built at Hazleton and Pyle Farm, can you not bring that forward because you know it just won’t happen.

  14. I was at the meeting and read many of the detailed reports. I cannot see where Guy has distorted facts or attempted to,hoodwink people. Don’t resign Guy!

  15. How much pressure,threat of legal action did it take before developers at Clanfield and Gales Brewery agreed , although not happened yet, to do what they said they would do under 106 years ago. This is the hoodwinking part we are all made to put up with like sheep and ba ba to!

    • Guy good news then I see and read Horndean Post April 29th, you said “if they find sink-holes in an area they’ll move the houses elsewhere’ so simple that we all didn’t think of that, so Guy where will they build these houses if they find numerous sink – holes , White Dirt Lane? No sink -holes there.?!

    • Why are people so keen to get developers to pay higher and higher contributions in the form of 106 agreements ? Don’t they realise that developers work on the same profit margins no matter what the 106 contributions are , the more contributions the council make them pay the more they have to sell the houses for ! It’s just another way of the council extorting money from the property buying population , on average the 106 contributions are between 15 and 25 thousand pounds per house built and that amount just goes on the selling price of the house .
      The more things the council get the developers to do the higher the house price , maybe people ought to think of that when they push for more and more contributions for things the council should be providing themselves using the taxes they already levy !

      • Very true James my business colleagues wants to convert his offices into flats, the building is already there. He is not changing the outside of the building at all. It will be a normal size flat, double bedroom a single bedroom a lounge kitchen and bathroom, the council want £8000 off him for the bird flight path??? You couldn’t make these stories up. The government tell us we need to build more homes, this is a brownfill conversion, the council have a different agenda!

      • Hi James, EHDC gets about £131 a year per house from the council tax. Some of the things this is spent on include weekly bin collections, we own and pay for most of the street lights locally, cut the verges 9 times a year, deal with litter, fly tipping, administer housing benefit, planning, planning enforcement etc. Parish Council is a similar amount and they maintain about 126 acres of local parkland locally. HCC get the biggest share of council tax and cover schooling, highways etc. a Google search will let you know where that goes. If these were all funded by council tax then this would go up, and I’m certain the builders would sell the homes for the same price, or the market value. While the developer pays out the money, it comes off the land sale price. Best wishes, Guy.

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