6 comments on “Horndean and Catherington Litter Pick

  1. Please note that this was arranged by local residents and some further away And the councillors and parish people felt duty bound and embarrassed by what locals had arranged and therefore asked if they could attend. Power to the local residents who put the efforts where the arms and legs are and got on with the job and not let health and safety deter them from doing someone else’s job. Let’s start giving credit where credit is really due, for once.

    • Credit where it is due, it was initiated on Streetlife by residents. As Councillors we put in 20 to 30 hours a week on local issues and are very pleased to support any activity where the community takes the initiative. No-one felt duty bound to attend, but very pleased to discover other people who care and will always support any initiative that makes a difference. As to health and safety deterring from ‘doing the job’ when our employees are killed while carrying out their work then, yes, the right thing to do is to stop the activity and make sure that lessons are learned to prevent re-occurrence. I am sorry you do not agree.

      • Sorry Guy but yet again you try to twist what I say. And thank you and your colleagues for assisting us, but it’s a pity that the Streetlife readers and writers had to show the powers to be how to do what they get paid for. Would you and your colleagues have got together on your own and Litter Picked? You might want to consider that for the future and lead by example.

      • Steve. I am afraid you are suffering from Selective Memory Symptom. On the litter pick I reminded you that the reason EHDC stopped litter picking was due to the death of street cleaning operatives nationwide to which you said that was “A Lame Excuse”. Like I said I am sorry you feel that way and simply can not agree. The wellbeing of our employees is of utmost importance.

        As to what ‘the powers that be’ get paid for, Councillors do not get pay. I have an allowance of about £50 a week after tax for being a Councillor which gets spent on fuel, insurance, IT, postage and anything else associated with this role. The 30 to 40 hours a week I spend on community activities come for free and in all the years I have been doing this I have not claimed a penny in expenses I have been entitled to.

        As to would I and colleagues get together to do litter picking? Yes, we all lead by example here. Most of the Councillors have joined in with HPC activities to litter pick, clear footpaths. Aside from the dozens of other projects each of us is involved in from rebuilding the war memorial to the bandstand project at Merchistoun Hall to improving our park areas to protecting the areas the community do not want developed to ensuring where we must have development that we get the best facilities we can.

        Steve, if you want to do some good in the community and make a difference then as I have offered I will be very happy to tell you about some of the work that needs to be done on the Parish Plan and the projects the community would like to see happen. If you want to organise regular litter picks then I will be happy to support this with grant funding to buy the right tools to do the job. How about stepping up to the mark?

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