5 comments on “EHDC Fouling & Litter Zero Tolerance

  1. Hi Guy, Havant CC have a similar scheme and they have some results. Could you ask EHDC to have a look at where the new surgery is about to open please. It resembles an ash tray and the inside of a rubbish bin,no doubt due to the fact the builder Linden Homes have not kept to their 106 and also supplied any rubbish bins. Spar shop say it’s the social tenants living in flats above new surgery throwing their rubbish out of windows and balcony . Easy earner for the EHDC warden, just sit and watch for a couple of hours.

  2. I am delighted to hear of this initiative. Dog mess and litter are not only unsightly but can also be hazardous.

    Are you aware that a number of dog walkers clear up after their animals but leave bags of excrement by stiles, gates, signposts and way Markers? And some even throw such bags into bushes or hang them on trees? And sometimes this is within 100 metres of a bin.

    I am sure you will agree that such behaviour shows scant respect for the law, the environment or the local community. What can be done to improve matters? I realise that it would be next to impossible to prosecute people as someone would have to witness this antisocial behaviour, but short of collecting the refuse myself when I go out walking I don’t see what can be done.

    I would be interested to hear your comments.

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      • When we are out and about and witness rubbish dumping snap them on your mobile if you can, Educate and help change behaviour might work if your talking to a child but never will if it’s an.adult, an immediate fine is the only answer, you can’t pussy foot around these people.

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