7 comments on “Combined Authorities

  1. This is thought provoking. My initial reaction is wondering about costs of new set up vs. current costs to the local resident. I will follow with interest.

    • Hi Jan, There is a large cost to administer these services in Whitehall, so in theory the local administration would be a transfer of powers and also staff. local decision making could give better quality decisions with quicker processes. It is important though that any change gives us ‘more’ for the same money including direct local control. I am very nervous though about the thought of the NHS services being controlled locally. I think Manchester are taking on something with growing cost and wonder if this might fail. There is a colossal amount more detail to know yet before we can make any decisions. Guy.

  2. Deep thoughts and in- depth discussion needed I think, this could have serious consequences with control of our parishes by other counties and by boards with no connection to local issues, /developments/future stability.

    • Hi Steve. East Hants has about 15% of the population and housing inside PUSH or Solent LEP. As most of these activities have focused on Southampton, Fareham and the other local authorities inside the area and had little impact on us (the South East Housing Plan, a PUSH document, was declared obsolete some years ago) we have had little input back. With the emergence of Combined Authorities and the Solent Growth Plan we either need to be completely out of the region (which is difficult as it will deny other opportunities such as grant funding, business investment etc) or firmly at the table looking after our interests. I am the PUSH representative for East Hants and now putting forward a case for board membership of the LEP to make sure we have some strong influence. Your fundamental concern about making sure other organisations outside of our area do not have a controlling interest in out region is paramount. If this is the route things go, we can not consider taking part at all. best wishes and thank you for hitting one of the key points. guy.

  3. My concern is also the cost to residents above current costs, and would a combined authority based around Southampton and Portsmouth take views of residents in the outer areas into account. I will be keeping an eye on developments.

    • Hi Carolyne, the concern about costs is absolutely right. There would be no support for an entirely new council type structure so the approach Manchester have taken is to have the council leaders and a group of other people form the decision making body. Part of the Whitehall cost of administration would also no longer exist and this would be factored in. With the right structure having people accountable to us on local decisions, not Whitehall, is much more appealing.

      Your last point hits the nail right on the head for the biggest risk to us and my primary concern. Guy

  4. Hi Guy,
    Ever the sceptic, I would be quite concerned about our level of influence in what would almost amount to a Metropolitan Area. There is already a perception that South of Butser do not get their fair share of influence at EHDC, albeit I am not sure why people think that, so in a CA it would be nil. Obviously something to watch closely as time goes by although I cannot see Petersfield folk wanting to be part of a Combined Authority!!
    kind regards

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