11 comments on “Chalk Hill Road… Again…

  1. Another Wimpy site like that on the Hambledon Rd Waterlooville is not what is needed, they are shoddy poor designer builders. If a development has to go ahead vote that is it not Wimpy.However just because government says we need to build x number of houses does not mean we have to. We have to say enough is enough and start more conversions and more brown fill sites taken over.

    • HI Steve, I agree the site at Hambledon Road is very poor quality design and looks awful. For us in Horndean we have used our most suitable brownfield site which was the gales development. Keydell is another but if this were built on we would loose a key local employer and the southern access into the village would just become wall to wall housing. With a little luck we will be able to focus our housing need on Land East Of Horndean, and I do not believe the developer there has a working relationship with Taylor Wimpey. Guy.

  2. Hi Steve, absolutely agree, Taylor Wimpey are very shoddy builders and even worse designers!
    My daughter bought a house on the Wellington Park estate and has had a huge amount of problems with design faults, bad electrics and central heating plumbing. The road layouts are dangerous and far to narrow especially with the access road to the tip!!!
    Lessons need to be learnt here so let’s not give them the opportunity to do it again elsewhere,
    Steve Harding

  3. Hi Guy

    Having been out of action for the last few weeks I have just gone into the planning website via your link above in which to resubmit my concerns to the revised plans only to be informed that the public consultation period for this application has ended, which is not what I understood from your blog – ‘you have until 25th March’. Have the dates been changed ? can we still submit comments ?

    Many thanks

  4. Hi Guy , someone has told me that Wimpey are trying for 1700 homes around Clanfield, have you heard this?! R
    Steve s

  5. As Taylor Wimpey own the land there’s only one thing that can happen, which is inevitable, it will one day be built on, whether tomorrow, next year, or in 5 yrs time. Lets face it, they are not going to gift it to the people of Horndean are they, they are a profit making company with no ethics as nothing else matters!! We were seriously thinking about buying our next home in Chalk Hill Rd, but unfortunately it’s far too risky as when that development goes ahead, the wonderful views, country dog walks and clean fresh air will also disappear, along with the house prices in that area. Not to mention the increase in traffic and therefore pollution!!! Building on England’s green fields will one day make this country undesirable to live in. How shameful is that as a legacy to leave our grandchildren!!!

    • Hi Stephen, Pretty sure Taylor Wimpey do not own this land – it is still family owned and Taylor Wimpey took out an option on the land – a contract to give them the rights to apply for planning permission on the land. Hope this helps, Guy.

      • Thank you Guy, I appreciate your honest reply. Is there any opportunity of finding out who the owners are to see if a collective group could buy the land with a covenant that it could never be changed or built on?

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