4 comments on “Surgery Countdown Begins!

  1. Excellent news, well done to all involved – should also be just enough time for Linden Homes to sort out their mistake with the car park to enable the correct number of cars to park without the restriction of the trees and the easy access for wheelchairs !

  2. Yes agree but if and thank goodness it is only an if, the massive development of 700 houses plus industrial units for 700 employees, as well as a Primary school gets built how will this surgery cope? The car park alone is full now and I hear one of the doctors is leaving?

    • Steve I think the articles on the surgery very clearly give feedback from the Surgery that they are planning for the future and the new developments. The larger surgery with more capacity will not only cope but will also be able to offer additional services. Well done to Dr Coombe for taking the bold step to upsize and diversify. One of the Doctors is leaving but another has joined the practice and is shortly to become a full partner so no concerns there. The good news on the carpark is that there will be a 2 hour no return parking limit to ensure the spaces are available for the customers to the surgery and Spar.

      • Morning Guy, please go and take a look at the car park in front of new surgery. Cowplain have got it right with a much larger carpark but it’s always full. Horndean will not cope if it has to take on the massive development of an extra 700 Homes plus 700 employees, plus a school. Guy come on, you’re not only kidding yourself but trying to kid us to. It’s much too small.the whole lay out is wrong.

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