6 comments on “Sunley Blendworth Lane Appeal

  1. Thank you for keeping the public up to speed on the many developments that seem to spring up on a continual basis and for deciphering the technical jargon that seems to prevail. I received the flyer from Sunley Estates regarding their appeal and it certainly is designed to bamboozle the lay public, I will continue to object and send my comments in even if I’m not sure I’m responding in the correct manner! Keep up the good work, I’m not sure how we’d find out what was going on in Horndean if not for your blog…..

  2. I second the above comment. Prior to ‘horndeanmatters’ developments appeared out of the blue. Thank you, Guy [and co], for your hard work and continued regular, informative news.

  3. So appeal has just gone in for 40 units of which 16 are social. I thought we had our limit with Hazleton and Pyle Farms being concreted over ? Surely this will be easily refused as we have our limit for the next generation??? But 100 min vehicles added to the 4000 odd that are already coming to this area will make it permanently grid locked!

    • So it’s started again, this time in Clanfield with not one but two builders putting two fingers up to our local councillors and ehdc by starting to build before ecological and archaeological works have started, are we surprised ? No. Just wait and see what happens to what could get passed at Hazleton and Pyle Farms as well as the land Sunley will be developing at Blendworth. You can’t make these stories up!

      • Guy are you on holiday? What do you thinks happening then? Skulduggery afoot me thinks!!!
        Hazleton and Pyle Farm approval on hold why the SoState does his homework and in the mean time Sunley and the 40/41 homes gets approved ? The local parish council get their new building provided by the developers on this piece of land with limited access ? Also I bet the damaged wall outside of Nico’s get repaired by them also . What’s your take on the situation Guy? Regards steve

  4. Thrown out and so it should be!regards and thanks to all those who stood up against these developers who have no regard what so ever for the effect these types of developments have on the local people. Steve s

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