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  1. Have any of these people building actually used any of the services that communities need before building more houses in these areas. The doctors and dental surgeries are at breaking point because no additional services are porvided when these housing estates are built. As for QA hospital? Well all I will say is they do the best with the staff they have!

    • Hi Sean, making sure that the services grow in tandem with development is key. We are soon getting a new larger surgery in the village that will cover the local needs, and if Land East Of Horndean is approved this comes with a primary school. The situation at QA does sound depressing and it is important more resources are brought in to deal with this. Guy.

  2. Hi Guy, thank you for the update and information at this stage we need to ensure as many local residents voice their concerns/objections as possible – although from a public awareness I have only noticed 3 identical signs of this planning application on 1 lamppost at the entrance of Tarbery Cresent – so hopefully via your Blog and the Chalk Hill Facebook page enough people are made aware and pass on the word.

    I found the following one pager on ‘Material Planning Considerations’ useful – ‘http://www.rtpi.org.uk/media/686895/Material-Planning-Considerations.pdf’ to focus on the best objections, although one of the non-material planning consideration is ‘previously made objections/representations’ which a number of existing objections refer to.

    Based on the current timeline do you a view on when the 5 year supply plan will be publish as this would help close applications like this down ? Also when we may expect final confirmation on the land East of Horndean.

    Thank you once again for your Blog.

    • Hi Lee, thank you for the link on material considerations!

      We have just about enough for the five year plan depending on which ‘recognised’ method you use to calculate it. In two weeks we will have enough whichever way it is calculated but for the planing applications to count the section 106 agreement needs to be in place too so I would say in about 6 to 8 weeks time there will be a firm announcement, perhaps a little sooner.

      Land East Of Horndean based on the comments that need addressing and current workload is likely to be heard mid March so this would be relevant to CHR. If more statutory consultees raise issues this might slip.

      I hope that helps!

      Thank you for the kind words about the blog!


  3. hi guy, thankyou for your post update taylor wimpey plans chalkhill rd.
    Once again their is a possabilty if planning is granted,whats stopping them requesting planning in the
    adjoining field. Enclosing catherington lith, and ecosystem. The EHDC / DEVELOPERS have been
    nibbling away over the past 30 years to the green spaces. The wild life that used to be in the area
    has disappeared deer rabbits & wild birds that used be here.
    The local doctors are under great pressure to cope with Green lane developement, wilson homes
    the Gales Brewery also the new Development next to Keydells. That land used to be a wild medow.

    • Hi Ralph. The allocations plan (see articles) shows the housing we need for our own needs (population growth, living longer etc) and this is at Land East Of Horndean. Let’s be confident that East Hants will look to refuse planning here as it is not an allocated site, in a gap and of landscape value.

      If it were to be built on then I understand the same land owner owns a little bit more so this would be a risk, but again I would have confidence in EHDC that they will be able to refuse it.

      Remember, the number of people confidently stating WDF was a ‘done deal’ that it had already ‘been given the nod’ so let’s support EHDC as they are doing everything they can to ensure housing goes in the right (or least worst) places.

      The good news is that the vast majority of the field is owned by a different person, Jack Trickett, and he has indicated he has no interest in seeing it developed.


  4. Hi Guy, it would seem the games have begun I have just received notification (as I suspect others who objected have as well) that the planning application 55505 has now been amended by the developers to state ‘Residential development for up to 50 dwellings’ and the consultation period has been re-opened until 25th March – does that mean we all need to raise our comments (objections) again against this ‘PRE-DECISION AMENDMENT’ ?
    After the effort of the EHDC and HPC to keep our council taxes down – it is nice to see external parties trying to increase them for us by trying to play the system and force unnecessary work !
    Any guidance you are able to provide on how to address this would be greatly appreciated, as I feel if we do not keep shouting it will be get lost in the system.

    Many thanks

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