2 comments on “A Very Real Terror Threat

  1. Thanks for the information. I would just like to point out that I am totally against my MP also having the role of private secretary to Home Secretary Theresa May. Now I understand why I have just got standard email replies back to anything that I have emailed my MP about. If a person is elected to be MP for any area in the country he should spend ALL of his time representing his constituency & not have any other role in government. He should be either my full time MP, or a private secretary, not both.

    • Hi, Most Members of Parliament have multiple roles in Government. the more prominent ones are the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. there are select committees, one for each department in the government and each has at least 11 members who sit on the committee. The role of PPS to Theresa May is not a secretarial role, but George represents Theresa May in dealings with back bench MP’s and acts as a point of contact. It is often a first step in becoming a Minister. The role is not full time, and part of the ensemble of parliamentary activities.

      MP’s can not just represent their constituents. They have to take on roles where policy is discussed and set. If they did not get involved in areas outside of their constituency then lawmaking or setting government policy would not be carried out by our elected members.

      At East Hants we have a similar setup. Of the 44 Councillors we have a Leader, Cabinet of 7 Councillors, Chairman, and several panels and committees. These all have chairmen and members who participate in them. Generally we get more involved in specific areas of the organisation that we have an interest or good skills to support.

      I hope this helps and the link to Wikipedia about the role of the PPS might give a little more useful information. Guy.


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