2 comments on “Solent LEP Business Support

  1. Guy, Happy New Year. It may be helpful for your (business) readers to know how EHDC in general and Horndean in particular interacts with Solent LEP (e.g. Does it have any representation on the LEP board? Is the LEP successful? How is that measured?) and to know what benefits and projects are coming Horndean’s way. To me it appears that if business is not located along the Southampton~Fareham~Portsmouth corridor, the LEP is of very limited value to the rest of us. Am I wrong? Steve

  2. Hi Steve, Solent LEP covers South of Butser. The board is made up of a number of businesses and authorities that are in the heart of the LEP. Currently the board members are Southampton, Portsmouth, IOW, Fareham and HCC. EHDC has a 1% share in the population in SLEP so is not a weighty member but does have a say. The next AGM to vote in the board is in the next few weeks. Solent LEP has brought in vast chunks of money for regional infrastructure growth and looks like an inevitable replacement for PUSH. As the cabinet member South of Butser I represent EHDC at PUSH meetings and in the coming months when the SLEP meetings are formalised with the local authorities will be nominated to do so here too.The LEP does have a strong focus along the M27 corridor as you note but I am about to kick off a series of meetings with the LEP to see how they might support us on the employment site at Land East Of Horndean if this is successful at planning. The aspiration is 700 jobs for 700 homes with a view to technology, engineering and other professional sectors. guy.

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