7 comments on “White Dirt Farm Refused by EHDC

  1. Guy and Sara, this is wonderful news. I know you have acknowledged the community spirit regarding this application but you have been great in ensuring cohesion amongst us! The communication has been outstanding and we are grateful. Happy New Year!

  2. Excellent, Guy and Sara. Thank you for all your efforts to stop this unwanted and inappropriate development. We may have to fight on, but by everyone pulling together, we have overcome the first hurdle. Thanks again.

  3. Brilliant news. Well done to everyone involved. Special thanks to Guy for keeping the community so well informed.

  4. Good Morning All, and what wonderful news to start the New Year off with. Thank you for the kind words but the number of people who have supported this campaign whether leaflet delivering, Facebook, posting sign boards or spreading the message thank you, especially if you wrote to the case officer. a remarkable 224 letters of objection were received with just one letter in support. Happy new year everyone. Guy.

  5. Great news Guy & Sara A Happy New Year to You Both & many Thanks for all your hard work you have put into this on our behalf . regard s Sylvie royce

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