5 comments on ““Just Build It As The Approved Plans”

  1. Sadly, this may be a hard lesson to learn for those who approve plans from developers that may not have a particularly good track record…

  2. No doubt Brendan O’Neil is determined, but this determination may well be coloured by his company’s desire to boost profits by cheapening the original scheme. (Possibly the reason for the deviations in the first place). The planning commitee should insist on “build to approved plan”, even if it means dismantling and rebuilding. At Linden cost of course.
    A contract is a contract after all is said and done.

    • Hi Geoff. The local councillors are clear that the open plan car park is essential to the open feel for the shops. The planning officers are equally concerned too. In Brendan’s defense, he has recently taken the region over and has inherited this problem, but there is a high expectation to put it right. Sadly, the wall, railings, ramp and other bits have probably cost more than just putting it in to the right level. Guy.

  3. Why has this been allowed to drag on for 6 months (since June) ? Why was no action taken as soon as Linden started to deviate from the plan? Why were they allowed to just carry on doing what wanted to do rather then what they had permission for?

    • Hi Dennis, it was spotted as soon as the wall was built and the site manager assured the planning committee then it would be taken down. This was in May, June. Disappointingly this did not then happen and the car park was quickly finished off. You might remember it was for some time out of sight behind the hoardings. In the last 6 months linden have been written to several times and have been called in by the planning officers to explain. So far their response has not been satisfactory, hence the steps leading to enforcement which have been going on in this period. Guy.

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