18 comments on “White Dirt Lane May Close

  1. Guy, I fully support traffic calming measures on White Dirt Lane and Five Heads Road both have similar problems acting as ‘rat-runs’ – in the event of the closure of White Dirt Lane I would strongly suggest that traffic calming measures are put in place for Five Heads Road (before the closure), as this will only increase the traffic on this road – which over the last few years has already become a bit dangerous with cars/vans and some lorries using it as a cross over between London Road and Catherington Lane – which like White Dirt Lane does not have foot paths, low visibility with high hedges (important for the local wild life) and bends with limited views. I would have assumed that implementing traffic calming measures for both roads would be far more economical in the long run for the residents and the council.

    • Hi Lee, thank you for the comment and i am particularly concerned about not only the longer journey time for residents in Downs Ward, but Five Heads Road as you note is already hazardous enough. I hope the final outcome is claming on WDL, and this would be a good time to press for it on FHR too. Guy.

      • Hi Guy, that seems contrary to the opinion on your polldaddy site. The polldaddy site shows a small number of votes, but is likely to be indicative of local people expressing an opinion.

  2. Hi Carolyne, At the moment the poll on the blog has just over 20 or so votes. The HCC poll was based on about 200 so, like you, I will be interested to see what the comparative voting is. I am also hoping to see the postcode plot for the votes and if it was 2 or 3 people per household etc. Whatever the outcome the ‘For’ group or the ‘Against’ group are going to be upset. hopefully this will help HCC with more evidence on public view. I would not be surprised if this gets 300 to 400 votes in the next few weeks.

  3. Well it doesn’t surprise me that the residents of WDL etc have voted for closure but it is a very short sighted view (and in my opinion selfish) and if it goes through they will live to regret it as it will be very inconvenient for them as well as the rest of us. But it also doesn’t surprise me so few people voted as they probably think as I do HCC will do as they like regardless of public opinion. The survey and consultation is only so they can say they have done asked.

  4. Guy,
    I looked at the options and the most obvious was not listed so I added it as a comment. The lane should remain usable but for the purpose it came about, for local access. The lane is wide enough for a footway to be constructed within the existing carriagway land. The roadway should then become a single track lane (as works perfectly well in other cases) with passing places at suitable intervals. This would make the lane less attractive to large vehicles, slow down other vehicles and provide a safe path for pedestrians.
    Clearly the Surveyors were not impressed by my logic as the suggestion has not been considered in the vote.
    Gerry Mahler

  5. closing this lane would have a huge effect on the very popular farmers inn pub. it would be a nightmare for her business , not to mention any bands the perform in there to gain access. I feel you are going slightly overboard with a road closure because of a few careless drivers who insist on driving above the speed limit. this happens on every road in the county so does this mean you are going to close them too?? I suggest you have a re-think on this matter because it would seriously have a bad effect on certain establishments.

  6. Closing a road or putting in traffic calming. Two completely different things! I’d opt for Traffic calming if I had a say but alas…… We’ve been asking for something to be done in our road for years (Keydell Avenue) Since the ridiculous traffic lights at Hazlton Interchange were implemented it has forced impatient drivers to the side roads. A FAST short cut is there only concern. The same applies to White Dirt Lane. But assuming the proposed new housing has a lot to do with this dicision.

  7. Traffic calming has to be the way to slow them down.
    The Hazelton traffic lights have been a disgrace since day one. The optimum piece of road is the bit in the centre which 50% of the time has nobody using it! Roundabouts shift more traffic more quickly. Put it back!

  8. It seems to me that the White Dirt Lane debate is symptomatic of the continuing, and continuous house-building in and around the locale. Traffic, and parking, is becoming more of a problem and it’s easy to see this if you have lived here for more than 3 years!
    I can understand that some WDL local residents want the road closed, or ‘calmed’. I can see the Lane from my house and the day-time traffic is much increased over the years, even wide-bodied vehicles rumbling up/down, with little space for manoeuvre. I just feel that the problem is symptomatic of numbers….combined with the excessive speeds of some drivers, and that’s true for other local roads Downwood Way, Tarn Rise and roads continuing northwards to Clanfield….

    I have just been reading about a proposal for a new Law called the ‘Nature and Wellbeing Act’ for which many nature-orientated organisations are lobbying.

    Guy, I don’t know if you have any information about this proposed act please?

  9. From what I see this problem is typical of people moving into an area then wanting to change it ! We’ve all happily lived with white dirt lane and although ,it has got busier ,over the years , we all make allowances , the small minority that have moved into the lane ,then kick up a big stink because they feel they aught to have the monopole on it ,tough ,move out ,or shut the hell up!the local community doesn’t need wet nursing, we are perfectly capable of driving carefully and with consideration of others without legislation.

  10. Hello Guy Would any money available not be better spent improving the village (you can’t really call it that anymore) area that is being affected by the ill thought out development in Green Lane . Clanfield has been completely “hoodwinked “by these developers with their false promises for improved infrastructure and the like. With the increased volume in traffic in the area around St James Peel park and with many school children using this route and the grass bank to play (balance) on, during their journey to and from Clanfield Jnr School, i think any road calming would be better placed here, As for white dirt lane don’t use it myself as its a slower route, and any money spent there will be wasted as the developers are sure to return and win planning once the council has again caved into pressure from them and the South Down Park authority to build.

    • Hi John, The developments all bring in money for infrastructure improvement. White Dirt Lane is in Horndean and while it does not have a speeding problem, it is not a safe road to walk so I am very keen to see some improvements that make pedestrian access better. I do not know off the top of my head what the Green Lane development has brought in in terms of funds to carry out local improvements, but there will be some and HCC will have allocated them to local projects. As the last phases of Green Lane are built these last funds will become due. I would suggest speaking to your local County Councillor, Cllr Ken Moon about the specific areas you have in mind.

      As to the developer returning to White Dirt Lane, and the Council caving in, EHDC has fought off development interest on this land 3 or 4 times in the last 50 years and I have no doubt will continue to do so.

      Best Wishes,


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