13 comments on “A New Surgery For Horndean

  1. Is there sufficient parking at the new surgery to cope with people coming for all of the new services Dr Coombe mentions?

    • Hi Janet, At the design stages and consultations the parish and district Councils pushed hard for as much parkins space as possible. The developers obviously want to build on as much as possible. there were 26 spaces dedicated for the shops around the car park. Say there are 6 in the SPAR, 10 in the Surgery this leaves 10 for Nash hall and the little building to the front. This is reliant on the parking spaces not being used by the staff in the shops or by local residents. In reality a number of people will park in one of the car parks in Horndean they are used to, and walk to the two or three places they need to visit. It does not help though that the carpark has not been built using the approved plans, and one space is missing, with a further 9 that are not the right size. this is currently being taken up with Linden Homes but may mean major works to put it right. Guy.

      • Let’s encourage people to park at the precinct car park or next to Shambles in the old Co-op car park and to walk into the village (2 minutes). Better still, let’s lobby for a Car Park in Horndean from developers’ contributions (CIL). It is worth saying that the surgery at Gales Park (if it had been taken up) would’ve had more parking. Does Horndean need 15 more flats instead?

      • I went to a recent HPC planning meeting where Persimmon’s new plans for their Gales Park development on Havant Road is for 15 flats in place of the health centre which wasn’t taken up from the original plan. I can see that Mark Coombe is pictuted in front of what I believe to be the new surgery as part of the Linden development at The Old Brewery.

      • Ah! Sorry Janet, of course. Gales Park is the Havant Road Development, I was thinking of the Gales Site. My mistake. Yes. If the surgery was at the Havant Road Site it would have had separate parking, but I do not know how much. The building at the Gales Site would still have had customers and they would have parked in the Gales carpark. I do not know if a shop or surgery in the same building would have generated more parking need but the plans that were submitted were based on the surgery. Out of interest where would we put the carpark? guy.

      • That’s OK, ‘Gales Park’ is purely a marketing name to benefit from what has gone before in terms of tradition and the Old Brewery development (in my opinion, of course).

        What a great talking point slash rumour:
        ‘A new car park for Horndean’ !

  2. The article states that you have the right to register with the surgery of your choice. May I politely point out that a surgery may refuse to register you if you live outside the Practice boundary.

  3. Be sorry to hear that the ‘village’ surgery is closing but I guess that there just isn’t the room or capacity any longer.

    I wasn’t aware the surgery was purpose built in 1968 – pretty much the time my folks moved to Horndean. Then I popped along shortly after that.

    I remember squeezing my Capri into a space in the late 1980’s, to then get blocked in by some selfish fool. I’ve parked in the precinct since.

    Thank you for the update 🙂

  4. I presume you mean ‘complementary’ services, that is in conjunction with, rather than ‘complimentary’ which are free? And ‘losing’ rather than ‘loosing’? Best CF

  5. So pleased that it is finally happening but I too have grave concerns about the lack of adequate parking. From the information I obtained from Lindens some time ago only 6 spaces were being allocated to the doctors and, though I know that the owners of the Spar shop are working with the doctors on parking, you only have to look at the overall number of spaces available to see that with the added facilities being offered by the doctors, parking will still be a problem

    • Hi Jean, from memory the parking is not meant to be allocated. It has to be managed to prevent misuse, as parking in the square by local residents will damage the shops. It does not help that Linden have built the carpark incorrectly and to unapproved plans. this means we are missing one space and a further 9 are not the right size. this is being taken up with Lindens now but may well become a problem. Guy.

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