13 comments on “Horndean At War – Dennis Longhurst

  1. Fascinating. Well done for the research. It would be fun organising a summer countryside walk going over some of these sites with Dennis, if he’s still up for it, or a guide who knows his stuff


  2. Many thanks to you Dennis, for your article. You have painted a very interesting, moving – and at times, humorous – account. I have passed the details to my 3 children (now adults) who grew up in Horndean in the 70’s onwards. I just know they are going to enjoy reading the article too! Thank you again.

  3. Fascinating, we lived at Laundry Corner, Lovedean a while, before moving to Merchistoun Road.
    We used to have picnics in a bomb crater.

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  5. Hi my grandfather walter moon lived and died in horndean. He was in the fire service during and after the last war and was on the local council for many years he also looked after the war mamorial and catherrington church yard until he was about 90 years of age. My question is have you any photos of him durring these times as i have only one photo taken by the pompey news
    Regards kevin puleston

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