3 comments on “Horndean Plans Refused By EHDC

  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date! Really good news. One query-who recommended the approval of the plans when they went to the planning committee?

    • Hi, The planning case officers at EHDC spend 8 weeks to 16 months handling the planning applications depending on the size and type of application. They deal directly with the consultees and assemble the relevant information about the application and weigh this up based on case law and planning law. Their role is to make a recommendation based on how they believe the application would be decided under law. If the application is clearly suitable or unsuitable the case officer can make a recommendation which, if supported by a senior officer, is made without going to a planning committee. perhaps 90% of planning applications are dealt with like this, and this is called ‘delegated powers’. Applications which are large, or a very borderline decision are called into the planning committee. The planning committee then challenges the views and in perhaps 5% of cases will go against the case officers recommendation. This is very rare and where the decision is very boarderline, or the Council is willing to go against perhaps good, or safe, planning advice and risk loosing at an appeal. Another key factor will be the approval of the Draft allocation plan by the Development Policy Panel. This occurred after the case officer prepared their report and will have had some influence in the decision. The developer will most certainly appeal so EHDC will work to ensure the decision can be defended. I hope this helps with a bit more detail about how and why. Guy.

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