3 comments on “Horndean Remembrance Service

  1. Hello Guy,
    I understand that the Parish council were refused the usual parade route this year. Queens Cresc, Five Heads Rd, Portsmouth Rd and Havant Rd. Instead it will be Blendworth Lane to Havant Rd.
    I am concerned that this will cause much confusion and congestion and not be the usual moving event that it usually is. Especially in this 100th Anniversary year and with the new Nike Statue the event is likely to draw a larger congregation.
    I do hope that the usual route can be granted.
    Best wishes

  2. Cathy was proven right. A great turnout but diminished by the reduced parade. Who do we write to in order to express our dissatisfaction.
    Can someone please up the print of Order Of Service – most of the people did not have a sheet witht he words for the hymns. Any chance of seeding a few choir members around the attendees to try and encourage some volume in the hymns and national anthem.

    • Hi Phil, thank you for the post. An incredible turnout, biggest I have seen. Comment has been passed to HPC for feedback with the request they help with a response and confirmation the parade will be organised next year. Guy.

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