4 comments on “White Dirt Lane Closure?

  1. Guy, I am very against stopping direct access from North Horndean to Catherington via WD Lane. I have driven this road for over 30 years with no problems if drivers are courteous and considerate. The lane is only dangerous and difficult if drivers travel too fast or won’t give way ( this comment is directed at some of the Mums delivering their children to and from school. More traffic calming measures would be supported. Unfortunately I can’t make the Consultation meeting. Please pass my comments on.

    • I am very sorry but if you lived in white dirt lane perhaps you would understand the problems encountered,
      It will take somebody to get injured or worse for everybody to stop the lunatics speeding up and down
      white Dirt Lane! believe me it will happen.

    • Not sure calling is needed. Lived in Glamorgan road for 25 years with no know issues.

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