4 comments on “Planning ‘Question Time’ Meeting

  1. I found the meeting very useful and informative. It is almost inevitable that residents are wary of developers but I thought John Beresford of Grainger Housing did a good job of helping us see things from a developer’s point of view. My main concern, coming away from the meeting, is that any delay in development in the rest of East Hants could result in the southern parishes getting more development dumped on them. We must all ensure our District Councillors put pressure on their colleagues and the Planning Officers to make sure other parts of the district fulfill their obligations to the rest of us.

  2. The meeting was well run and proved to be most informative. Well done to the panel and to the backroom team who arranged it all. I had emailed 10 questions and in the event 9 were answered.

    I concur with Joe McManus. Our local district councillors must work hard at EHDC to ensure that, for example, Bordon & Whitehill proceeds with a sustained programme of housing development to fulfil its allocation in a timely way. I hope that Guy and the other local district councillors will update those of us who are South of Butser on these issues.

    The one question unanswered at the Forum was, in my mind “What can existing residents do … that is constructive, influential and effective?”

  3. I was hoping for an update regarding the Land East of Horndean application so that we can all start to get behind it with letters of support. George was dismissive of the numbers migrating into the area suggesting we should be flattered that people want to move here because it’s a nice place to live. The over development is now actually making this an undesirable place for some of us to reside! He also failed to acknowledge the issue of landlords and foreign investors snapping up new builds for rental income thus still preventing people from getting on the property ladder. We all know the topic is complex, and there is no easy solution, but I did not get a sense that the underlying causes of the housing shortage are being prioritised.

    • Hi Jan, the Land East of Horndean application is currently being submitted with the last 2 or 3 reports due in the next few days. Hopefully I will be able to publish confirmation soon

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