10 comments on “Chalk Hill Road Plans

  1. I visited the site while out walking today and was surprised at how small the piece of land actually is. I had attended the Taylor Wimpey consultation earlier in the week and the plans appeared to be for a larger site. Although if is already a residential area, the density of develooment proposed is out of keeping with the current housing stock thus the new development will seem jammed in by comparison. The approach road from Five Heads Road is itself an estate road to the existing and recent housing development and appears heavily doubled-parked. Highcroft Road however is wider than Blendworth Lane which recently received a favourable response in a request by Sunley Homes for their development access.

  2. I am totally opposed to this high density housing development proposal on a piece of land I walk to relax and enjoy with its special views over to the Isle of Wight and its links to the Lythe. Along with the White Dirt farm proposals it appears that Taylor Wimpey are attempting to destroy the identity of rural Catherington, Horndean and Clanfield. Brian Meakin

  3. NO! NO! NO!

    Guy… Do we need to email or contact Cllr Lynn Evans direct or are comments placed on this site passed on?



  4. Hi, just a point I thought worth mentioning is the horrendous New Estate that is being built on the Hambledon Road on the left towards Denmead which looks like a prison camp was built by Taylor Wimpey as you travel through this estate toward the Tip you will notice the atrocious lack of planning I e parking space only big enough for Smart cars so the main body of the car hangs over the Road.Also on the original plans there were trees to be planted in front of the blocks of flats they seem to be forgotten in the quest to squeeze as many properties as possible on this land.This is the company that wants to spoil our countryside and build on land at Chalk Hill Road.
    Though I realise houses need to be built it would be so much nicer if a visitor was travelling through Horndean would comment how nice those New Houses looked instead of the site next to Keydales Nursery already looking like a future slum with the houses so cramped up together.
    More thought needs to be given in the design of new properties rather than just the Builders greed on how many houses can be crammed onto a site.

  5. Hi Guy and Elaine
    Just to let you know over night in Durlands Road Tarberry Cres. And Five Heads Road seceral traffic survey cameras and boxes have appeared.
    Rita Butland

  6. Hi Guy.

    Is it just a coincidence that the traffic cameras have been placed on the walk to school week? where traffic is greatly reduced during start and finish times. this will certainly not give a true indication of volumes due to every parent i have spoken to, insisting on walking to confirm with the school requests and keep the children happy…



  7. Hi Guy

    As I expect you are aware the Outline Application by TW for Chalk Hill Road development has now been submitted to EHDC planning (7th Jan) and we have until 5th Feb to voice our comments/objections – I am in the process of reading the updated documents and reports issued by TW with their bias survey so that I may post my comments against this application – ref 55505. Wonder if you could produce a blog entry allowing the people who follow your blog to be aware and submit their own comments.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Lee, thank you for the message and I have an article just about ready to post with site plan, poll and how to comment etc. I’m just waiting for one of my colleagues to give me a comment to add. I hope to post it in the morning. Best wishes, guy.

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