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    I notice that Lucy Piper is listed as resident in the workhouse in Horndean (Catherigton as it was then) and she is, in an obscure way a relative of mine.

    The workhouse became Sexton and Cassey later to be Blendwrth Fabrics and was an indoor swimming pool until it’s demolition.

    Lucy was born on the 18 February 1866 to Joseph and Mary Ann Piper. Joseph married Mary Budden from Chalton on 25 July 1840 in the Chapel of Idsworth. I have no further knowledge of this family other than details of their children. Lucy she was the youngest of eleven children.
    The family lived for a while at White Dirt Farm but I guess there just wasn’t enough money to go round and poor Lucy ended up in the workhouse.

    Hope this little bit of history is useful.

    Sara Schillemore

  2. A couple of names look a tad familiar! When I was little that building was still there and had a swimming pool housed in it! It was very dark and scary but at least it was local.

  3. Some people may not recognise “The Good Intent” as it has adopted a number of different names in recent years as a “Schooner Inn” and “Berni Inn” – for about the last 7 or eight years it has been known as “The Colonial Bar”.

  4. Hi Guy….

    One quick question? with all the polls regarding housing and with Yes or No options, I feel that there should be a choice for NO housing in the area at all, as i believe it is fast becoming over developed in all the communities surrounding Horndean. and this is the real thoughts of all residents involved, but as a worst case, they always state there are better areas that could be built on, giving the feeling that they don’t mind at all to building, as long as its not on their door step.

    • Hi Vincent, thank you for the email. East Hants has prepared a SHMA (Strategic Housing Market Assessment). This works out the changes in our own population, how many young people there are who will need homes in 5, 10 years, the life span of our retired population and when houses will be freed up. With 1) people living longer, 2) fewer people living in each house and 3) families having more than 2 children our population is growing, and has been growing faster than we have ever built before. The 1160 homes between 2011 and 2028 is a 1.5% increase each year. About the same rate of increase as our population growth. With the current developments about 400 are identified. Land East Of Horndean could be the best answer for the rest.

      I could do a poll on do we need housing or not, but there is strong data to show what our needs will be. I would in effect be giving hope for something that was not an option, and would also become a problem for our own community in the future.

      If you search the blog for ‘Horndean housing’ there are a few articles from the past that give more detail.

      I hope this helps with a useful explanation?

      What we need to do next is channel this housing to the ‘least worst place’ and do everything we can to ensure that caps it there.

      Best wishes,


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