7 comments on “Land East Of Horndean Update

  1. Hi Bill, What a wicked thought that is, and I would be dishonest if I said it had not come up in conversation in the past! This species of bat has been a reason on its own to prevent a development from going ahead at all. At Land East Of Horndean they are having to design in bat corridors to ensure their habitat will not be affected. Guy.

      • Steve, final warning, please keep comments on the blog objective and respectful. As it is I have to manually remove some of yours from the spam filter. I am very happy to debate different views and the nature of it is that not everyone will agree but please only continue posting if you can do so objectively and respectfully to me and the other people who post comments.

  2. Guy. Come on now,stop being so nit picking, where has your since of humour gone? This is the fun time for you guys, this is where you start telling us how you have listened to all our wows and how the future is going to be bright and we can all sleep peacefully at night knowing that the captains are in control of our destiny. All you guys have the same message! So we have to go with our hearts and those that we can trust and believe in.

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