11 comments on “Flood Road Fixed by HCC

  1. Wondering if it will still flood at the top of the road in White Dirt Lane… I’m not holding my breath… But good news if Downwood way is going to be flood free at last…

  2. I doubt if it has been fixed inkless it was just a blocked pipe that needed clearing as no work has been done that needed a hole dug. the only work I have seen going on has been lamp post related.

    Regards Peter harper South Road

  3. Guy,
    have you seen Downwood Way today? There was a Mini stuck in the flood water this morning with the No 8 bus stuck behind it as it couldn’t get through. I think someone at HCC needs a talking to!

    • Well, at least I picked a good week to go on holiday to Egypt! None of that horrible wet stuff here but that flooding is definitely NOT expected! Have followed up with HCC from here and a will let you know where I get to! Guy.

    • Hi Mike, they repeatedly assure me it will work now they have cleaned the gullies out. Let’s see what happens in the next bit of heavy rain which is probably just a few days away… Guy.

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