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  1. Dear Elaine Tickell,

    Thank you for the updated information. As a resident of Five Heads Road I have already posted a comment to Guy with my concerns about this proposal.

    I shall be attending the meetings. Please can you confirm where the meeting next Tuesday is taking place and at what time?

    Many thanks in advance and with best wishes


  2. Hi Elaine, thank you for the update and your list of concerns – which as you will find from the other replies on the New Taylor Wimpey Application most of the local residents share.

    Looking forward to any update you may post following your meeting next week.


  3. No houses,,,,,If they build a few at first,,,,what is to stop them building more later,especially as they would already have some there………NO HOUSES

  4. 45 Highcroft Lane,
    Waterlooville. PO8 9NX

    We wish to place on record our views regarding the application that Taylor Wimpey are looking at making for the land at Chalk Hill Road in Horndean.
    We do not feel that this site is suitable for the proposed development on the following grounds….
    A. We understand that the land concerned is, for the most part, in an area considered important for retaining the individual status of Horndean and Catherington. This land is in Catherington Parish. We thought that unless it was absolutely necessary or could be considered essential it would not be developed especially to this scale. We contend that in view of the proposed development of 700 dwellings at the land east of Horndean, leading onto the Havant Road, this cannot be considered either necessary or essential. We have attended all the meetings relevant to the latter site and feel that it will satisfactorily meet all the development needs of Horndean including the needs of the people who will be living there from a social point of view.
    B. There is already a dangerous level of traffic in Fiveheads Road due to the location of Horndean First and Primary schools at one end and Kings Court School at the other. In addition to this many cars use Five Heads Road and Queens Crescent to drop off and collect their children from Horndean Technology College and the Children’s Nursery held in the Scout Hut. Durland Road is frequently reduced to a single lane due to the parking of cars belonging to those who work in the residential home for young at No 7.
    C. The land is in an elevated position and has extensive views across to Portsdown Hill and the Isle of Wight, to Langstone and to Hayling Island as well as to Catherington Church, which is 11th Century church with an active congregation.
    D. The site map shows a very condensed layout including three storey buildings. This is not at all in keeping with the current housing in the area and would be completely out of place adjacent to Catherington Lith, which is a treasured haven for wildlife and woodland.
    We would urge you to vote against this development in the interests of the villages which surround it. Once lost it can never be regained.
    Yours sincerely,

    Penny and John Pink

  5. Hi

    Have just attended the public consultation (and left my comments on the form), a number of other local residents are also there and I suspect more will attend later – it would seem that TW are advanced with their planning and according to the billboards and comments they have received approval from the department of transport – is there a route we can follow to determine what this approval actually covers, were all the facts presented and when any measurements were taken. As we all know Five Heads, Durlands and Highcroft are not straight roads so line of vision for drivers will be limited especially with parked cars and considering they are proposing people will walk does that mean pavements will now be built on private land or reducing the size of the road !

    Was there any output from the Parish council meeting with TW on Tues 16th Sept ?


    • Hi Lee, Cllr Merge Harvey is our county councillor and may be able to help on the highways access. For the parish council meeting you might email Cllr Elaine Tickell or Cllr Lynn Evans via the parish office to follow up on the parish meeting. Best wishes, guy.

  6. Hi a couple of things that do not seem to have ben taken into considerstion is that Saturdays and Sundays a lot of childrens and adult football matches are played on Fiveheads recreation ground this results in cars being parked in Durlands Road ,Highcroft Lane and surrounding area so resticting the already narrow road width so with regards to Health and Safety an Emergency vehicle would have great difficulty getting through if at all.
    Another issue is the bungalows that are built down Chalk Hill Road were built during the 2nd world war as holiday homes for people trying to get away from the bombing in Portsmouth and as such their foundations are only 8inches deep .I assume if this developement goes ahead either the council or Taylor Wimpey would be responsible for any damage occuring to these buildings.
    Overall I think the whole developement should not go ahead due to poor and dangerous access to the site and the amount of extra traffic i.e upwards of 100 cars minimum which would have to go in and out of the site every day just to take children to a school as there is a long waiting list at local schools.

    Andrea Shimbart

  7. Hi,

    I attended the Taylor Wimpey exhibition last night and the display boards, for anyone unable to get to the meeting, are available on line under the ‘News and Updates’ tab at:

    http://www.taylorwimpey.co.uk/proposed-developments/england/hampshire/horndean/chalk-hill-road .

    In my discussion with one of the Taylor Wimpey representatives about access, he seemed to suggest that my concerns were unfounded which does not seem to accord with the various posts made by those of us who live in the area. He stated that the survey carried out concluded that there was not a problem on Five Heads Road, Highcroft Lane etc. I wonder if this was a desktop exercise rather than a ‘boots on the ground’ survey which would have shown his statement to be incorrect.

    Alex J

    • Hi Alex, I believe the traffic survey was carried out during the school holidays and did not therefore show the impact of schools traffic. Nor was it on a Sunday morning when a football match was taking place which would have impacted badly on their findings. Those of us living in the area are gathering evidence by way of photographs at these times to try to show the true state of affairs.

  8. I was one of many residents that attented the TW meeting on the 23rd, it displayed no direct indication of the house style just blocks of allocated housing, which was certainly not informative of what might be built. I was also told that the road survery had been carried out and approved, and this amount of houses would generate 30 cars per day extra traffic. considering that every house now has 2 or more cars and that there is no alternative public transport, does that mean that over half will walk? which with the current pavement , road and traffic situation seems beyond a joke. I would like to see the results published here from their ballot, as most people I saw filling this in, were crossing out the multiple choice and stating NONE should be build or that the LAND SHOULD REMAIN UNTOUCHED. It does seem amazing that considering the amount of houses being built in Horndean at present, Keydales and the Gales Brewery sites to name a few, this is even being allowed to progress as far as it has.

    Vince. 49 Highcroft…

    • Hi Vince, under planning law, and land owner is entitled to seek permission to built on their land, no matter the need or strength of local feeling.

      The housing consultation we organised will be used as evidence to why the development should not go ahead, as are the landscape and gap issues.

      Once the developer submits their application EHDC have a 13 week consultation period for an application this size before a decision can be made.

      If Taylor Wimpy stick to their timescale of an application at the end of October, this will be heard at a planning meeting probably in February.

      Best wishes,


  9. Good evening Guy,

    Wonder if you or Elaine are aware of the multiple cameras that have seemed to have appeared on Fiveheads, Highcroft, Durlands and Tarberry – I am assuming they are measuring traffic numbers, although I thought it was cable across a road. If it is measuring traffic do we know who commissioned it ? is it the developers, council or highways. If anyone knows it would be interesting to understand the parameters behind the survey and when the results will be available. Any updates would be appreciated.


    • Hi Lee….

      please see the email for Nicola Stone, if you look at our face book page (Chalk Hill Road Development) you will see this an dadditional information..

      Re: Chalk hill farm development
      Joyce Barnett (joycebarnett43@live.co.uk) Add to contacts 16:19 Keep this message at the top of your inbox
      To: save chalk hill road, mark.e.reeves@gmail.com, jwarman@talktalk.net, solentheights@hotmail.co.uk, edward@orbis-mobile.com, anne@silverfoxassociates.co.uk, penny1pink@hotmail.co.uk, chrispink.travelling@yahoo.co.uk, michael963@virginmedia.com, rodhall814@hotmail.com, hpczjm@gmail.com, jacquelineblick@hotmail.co.uk, vince.gregory@live.co.uk, leepostie@aol.com, lmayandsonsltd@btinternet.com, susan_coles1@sky.com, wilsons.a@sky.com, jonasblowers@gmail.com
      This is the latest news from I think the local councilor or the news man who were tnere on the night we all gathered at chalk hill

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      From save chalk hill road
      Date: 14/10/2014 07:54 (GMT+00:00)
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      Subject Chalk hill farm development


      Apologies for the delay in contacting you following our meeting the Portsmouth evening news back in September. I hope you all saw the subsequents articles and attended the Taylor Wimpey consultation. From what I saw, there were quite a few unhappy residents challenging TW on their plans to date.

      One area where TW did fall short was on their traffic survey. After lots of questing TW did admit that the survey was on 21st July for 1 day! On this day, 50% of local schools had broken up for the summer holidays and therefore the data was not a true defection. I am there fore pleased to advise that TW are going to be completing another survey but this time with video cameras and still photos for a 7 day period. I have been told that this is likely to happen imminently so please keep you eyes posted.

      I am in the process of setting up the residents association and am working with Catherington residents association and hope to have our first meeting early in November. Please let me know if you would be interested in helping with arrangements for this.

      I can confirm that I have now set up a Facebook group called Chalk Hill Road development to share any updates of progress / relevant information. If you are on facebook can you please share this to allow to group to grow.

      Finally Vince Gregory is looking into sourcing campaign posters similar to WDF. Please can you let me know if you are interested in obtaining and displaying one.

      • Thank you, I will have a look – I was unable to make the meeting as I was working and had not seen anything since.

    • Hi lee. The survey will be on behalf of the developers. Wires across the road are expensive to install, expensive equipment and prone to failing. The cameras I understand capture footage which is then played back (fast forwarded) to do the vehicle count. The data is ‘owned’ dy the developer and is in the public domain when the planning application is submitted. The reports are usually about 500 pages long and it is worth looking at the white dirt farm one to see how they are laid out. Guy.

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