2 comments on “Schools In Our Community

  1. Hello Guy,

    Good timing by all those involved – it was the exact discussion that my wife and I had with other parents in the Horndean Infant/Junior School playground yesterday (first day at school for our youngest).

    Classes are already at capacity at both schools, and quite where the school is supposed to build extra classrooms without encroaching on the junior school playing field is anyone’s guess should the Hazleton Farm school not get the go ahead.

    I think everyone would appreciate the month’s advance notice of the meeting. Our children are 4, 6 and 8 and so we’re probably one of your main target audiences and most likely to be impacted by this for Junior, and HTC places. Fingers crossed at least one of us can attend due to their bedtime hour etc.

    I just wish that meetings like these were accessible to watch and participate in online – Merchie has ADSL 2+ so no problems on connectivity.


  2. Thanks Steve, I have forwarded the suggestion onto the chairperson of Community Forum and Merchistoun Halls manager. It might be a bug step for us in terms of technology, if anyone can help explain the equipment required id be happy to try to follow up?

    Equally if there are questions from people who can’t make it, email me and I will make sure they are tabled and asked. Guy.

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