8 comments on “Horndean Race Track Under Threat

  1. Guy maybe you wouldn’t be so keen if you lived down the road from the race track and had to put up with the racket for fourteen Sundays a year , and put up with the lorries racing past your door on a country lane to deliver and then take the cars away at the end of the day . Let’s hope the solar farm gets built !

  2. Horndean raceway has been on this site for over 20 years, it has been built up over that time to make it into the successful track that it is now!! Why should Saa have to move!! Build the solar farm elsewhere!!

  3. As the clubs chairman we would always address any noise complaints. We have had none to act on. Regarding the vehicles up and down the road. The distance from the roundabout to the sites entrance is relatively short so for large vehicles to get up any real speed before getting to the entrance would be quite hard. Our gates do not open until 8am on a sunday morning and drivers are signed on and scrutineered by 10am. Therefore 95% of any large transporting vehicle should be at the site within a two hour slot. This stands the same for leaving. We are permitted to race until 17.59 and the site gates close at 20.00 so again only a influx of larger vehicles within a two hour slot. Four hours intermittently on 14 days of the year (assuming we race all 14 and none are cancelled, two have been cancelled so far in 2014). The level, volume and speed of everyday traffic that flies along the B2149 would be a much bigger concern if i were a local resident than the 14 days we are there. Regarding the racing itself, We carry out decibel meter readings three times a day to ensure we keep within a reasonable limit.
    SAA raceway is a non profit making organisation, who once overheads are deducted give to local charities. Can the same be said for the solar farm. I would be happy to talk with you personally regarding your concerns. Thank you Simon Stevenson. SAA Chairman.

    • Mr Stevenson , unfortunately I am not referring to the vehicles that travel from the site back to the roundabout but to the steadily increasing number that use Pyle lane as a rat run twice on Sunday race days . I thought that when permission was given that it was a condition that vehicles were supposed to only turn right out of the race track but I could be wrong !

  4. Thank you for your reply Stv, the club to the best of my knowledge has never had restriction made on it to what direction vehicles travel when entering or leaving the site. The club itself however did implement their own request to members that vehicles leaving the site should turn left towards the roundabout and then come back on themselves if travelling in the direction of Leigh Park. This was to try and reduce any risk of an accident on the B2149 as the traffic travelling from Leigh Park are travelling at speed (unrestricted road) and our vehicles pulling out onto that road would be slow pulling out.
    We have no control as to what drivers do once they leave the site or in which direction they travel, and anyone would take whatever route was most cost effective to them, as well as time efficient to get either to the track or when going home.
    With regard to your first comment about the lorries racing past your door, on average, there are at best 3-5 lorries that frequent our site on a normal race day and only more when we run a large meeting (maybe 2 or 3 times a year). I have however addressed your concerns about noise and asked that our club members consider the local residents when travelling to and from the site.
    Should you have any additional concerns now or in the future (assuming the track remains) i would be happy to hear them rather than you suffering in silence so to speak.

    Best Regards

    • Simon thanks for addressing my and my neighbours concerns , I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun in fact I myself used to race motorbikes years ago . We have to put up with the noise from the track I suppose but it would be nice if your members could use the B2149 to access the site instead of using the single track Pyle lane , it’s only going to be a matter of time before an accident happens .
      And if as you say you only have three to five trucks turning up I would say that most of them use the lane on race days !

  5. Hi Simon, I know the SAA is concerned about local residents, and having minimal impact outside of the grounds. To be fair I did see this at the race briefing 2 weekends ago. Is one possibility to threaten drivers with a race ban for approaching on certain roads? Guy.

  6. You must have very good hearing Stv! To my knowledge there are no houses close enough to hear cars on the track, but there are numerous houses along the A3 which have to listen to the drone of traffic all day every day. Maybe we should close the road too so that you can live in silence.

    The people that run SAA work tirelessly to cause minimum fuss and disruption to the people of Horndean, Instead of complaining why dont you come along and see for yourself how professionaly things are done there, you never know, you may even enjoy it!!!!

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