4 comments on “HPC Consider Local Developments

  1. Excellent reports from Elaine, as usual. I hope people will use her report on WDF to help them record their views on the EHDC planning portal. Well done, Elaine! And thank you, Guy, for circulating!

  2. Yet another totally inappropriate application. Greenfield sites are so much easier for the developer! How can this be considered a suitable site? NO infrastructure, miles to drive to any amenities. What are the developers thinking of except their own pockets? We will have no green belt left between us and Clanfield and a dramatic increase in traffic on unsuitable roads., leading to more accidents.

    • I heartily agree with this objector. My overiding concern is the shear volume of extra traffic that the proposed developments would result in on Lovedean lane in particular would be highly dangerous and totally unsuitable for this rural lane. The infrastructure is already seriously lacking and persistent flooding has not been addressed.

      Tony Jay
      156b Lovedean Lane

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