8 comments on “Lies, Damned lies, and Statistics

  1. I have voted, but I was somewhat reluctant to record any views on final 2 questions as I do not think there should be any development of the site. Responding to the last questions feels uncomfortable. If I answered the questions it feels as if I am accepting that inevitably there will be some development, if not now, some time in the future. I am certainly do not want to provide answers which could be interpreted in this way. I am firmly opposed to any development at WDF.

  2. Guy . I am truly shocked that Wimpey have published these “facts”. If it wasn’t so important it would be laughable . North Korea election results come to mind . It must bring all consultation done by developer’s into disrepute . Still it does highlight what you have said from day one , to copy our views to the planners . ( I didn’t , I trusted a major UK builder ) I will give these ” facts” to all my neighbour’s in the hope they will then send their views to East Hants Planning. Your link to the statement goes to a blank page. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Guy, sadly I am not surprised. Having seen the so-called public consultation that Southcott did in Lovedean earlier this year; execrable at best, at worst,an absolute insult to the intelligence of the folk of Lovedean. It can only be concluded that developers do this as a tick-box exercise, have no intention whatsoever of taking note of opinions of local people and do their very best to bury as deeply as possible any analysis that doesn`t suit their cause. Every such submission should be subject to the scrutiny you are giving this one, well done.

    • The Residents of Lovedean have always been quite specific in their opposition to the 4 Developers proposals for housing on the remaining green land at Lovedean. However, it seems that their views have been sidetracked and unwarranted and unsuitable developments are now being forced through despite the majority oppsition. What else can one do? Civil disobedience?

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