6 comments on “WDF Spot The Difference Competition

  1. Hi Janet, I think we have an excellent chance of getting these refused. Sadly I agree the quality of the consultation is not something that can be directly measured and used against approval, but I will be sure it is drawn to the attention of the members of the planning committee.

  2. ….and the revised plan still covers most of the site, despite TW’s assertion to ‘focus on the southern end’ of the site!

  3. Taylor Wimpey’s so called “public consultation”, took place in March this year, but it took place in the wrong parish, Clanfield rather than Horndean, and there was also inadequate advance publicity of that meeting which made a mockery of the entire process.

    Taylor Wimpey’s attention was drawn to this fundamental error, and I believe at one time suggested that they might hold a further meeting in the correct parish.

    Taylor Wimpey’s letter to resident’s of 17th July must have lulled some into not objecting to the application.

    The issues referred to should result in EHDC refusing to consider this application until a proper public consultation meeting is held in Horndean, not Clanfield, Havant or Southampton.

    Those people to whom Taylor Wimpey wrote with a link to a misleading website should be sent another letter inviting them to the new public consultation meeting where they can view & comment on the plans which are now on EHDC’s website.

    I don’t expect this will happen, so I would urge everyone to vote in Guy’s poll against this proposed development & to make representations to EHDC by letter and through their Planning Portal.

    Finally thank-you Guy & Kim for alerting us to the discrepancy in the plans.


  4. I don’t agree with the houses being built as we live on hawthorn rd we are among a few people whose house actually have drives that face out onto hawthorn road. We take our lives in our hands now trying to get in and out of drives we have about a 4second window before cars come barring down on you from Tarn Rise so having another amount of traffic added to what we already have will make it intolerable I have already asked for speed calming but it fell on deaf ears When we first moved here it was an unmade road whilst I understand things have to move on we don’t seem to be considered ,the traffic going up and down the road Do Not go slowly enough it’s very dangerous so adding more is ridiculous

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