One comment on “Updated Land East Of Horndean Plans

  1. The statement by the developers that they have listened to the feedback from the previous consultation and ‘refined’ their proposals is both disingenuous and dishonest. The EHDC consultation clearly showed democratically an almost 100% rejection of any development to the north of the Rowlands Castle road towards Blendworth; yet the ‘refined’ plans still include development in that sector. The developers at their presentation at Napier Hall claimed that the previous vote was in favour of the entire development. That is a total misrepresentation and flagrantly ignores local opinion. Hazleton was the area where development was supported; NOT the area north of the Rowlands Castle road.

    Development at Hazelton is apparently inevitable and at Pyle Farm it appears unstoppable. However, any development north of the RC road is fundamentally flawed. It is not required. It will add very few additional housing units yet it will destroy this area of outstanding beauty. It is an essential amenity area used by large numbers of horse riders and walkers. This land has a rich heritage and history associated with the listed building, Hook Cottage.

    The traffic that would arise from developing this area will lead to deaths and injuries. The junctions of other lanes onto the Rowlands Castle road are very dangerous already. The creation of ‘rat runs’ through these single track country lanes is inevitable if development north of the Rowlands Castle road is permitted.

    This part of the developer’ plans has nothing to do with what local people want and is only about making money for one or two landowners and the developers. It is totally undemocratic and should be refused. It is all about commercial greed and nothing to do with local community wishes.

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