18 comments on “White Dirt Farm Application ‘Soon’

  1. Thank-you for altering us to this development.

    I am amazed that, despite promises to the contrary, Taylor Wimpey are not going to hold a consultation regarding their proposals for development at White Dirt Farm in the correct parish – a public disaster in my opinion.

    Do you have an email address we can use to contact Taylor Wimpey please – obviously one could use the “response” page on their website. I would like to be able to copy my thoughts & comments to my local councillors, which this precludes.


  2. I would think that if the application for 136 gets approved it will only be a matter of time before another application is put in to develop the rest of the area!

    • Hi Jan, I suspect they feel the reduction will help address any landscape issues, but we need to work to reject the whole. We have seen no further proposals since the consultation so will need to wait a few weeks to see what they have come up with. Guy.

  3. The same concerns still apply- infrastructure unable to cope, flooding, loss of strategic gap, etc.

  4. Surely TaylorWimpey are not going to be allowed to get away with their latest proposal for an amended plan for the White Dirt Farm plans and not allow the public to be consulted. Do they honestly think that by coming up with a plan which reduces the number of houses they intend to build intitles them to ignore the public who are very much against their use of this area. There must be another consultation meeting which involves the actual public which will be affected by their plan before they start submitting any planning application.

    • Hi Ken, poor quality consultation will add to the pot a little as to why the scheme does not fit well in the community. If the community have not been consulted on something closely approaching their proposals then how can they have taken onboard the comments properly? It will be one of the poorest consultations I have experienced, if not the worst, if they do not.

  5. Is there a pattern forming here do you think? Suggest to develop 200 homes, consult, negative feedback (98%?), continue to proceed….Is this what will happen with Crookley Park, Hazelton Farm and behind the Fire Station in Blendworth Lane. Do EHDC Planning tell our parish councillors one thing but give the sly nod to the developers as well? Lovedean permission seems to have been given despite promises otherwise.

    • Hi Rose, None of us want any of the developments in Lovedean or White Dirt Farm to proceed, and the housing consultation we organised was to help provide evidence of the community view. We need to make sure this is better used, but the best defence will be having the Hazleton application in and to support it (provided the next version of the plans is still suitable). I can assure you the planners do not give ‘the nod’ and emphasise that all of our large applications are heard at planning committee. We have not had sight of the White Dirt Farm revised proposals. Guy.

  6. I think the developers pay lip-service to a real consultation with the public. It seems to me that they have a list of criteria that they have to put ticks against to be able to move to the next phase of their plans. A public consultation is just one of these; once they have held it, the tick goes in the box and it is on to the next on their list, regardless of the outcome. I think that once the process of putting in for planning gets under way, it is pretty much a ‘done deal’ and it is not a matter of if but when it will all start. Someone commented that the plan was probably always to put 135 houses on the site and they have pulled a fast one by pretending to have bowed to public opinion and dropped the number. I have to say that I tend to agree!

  7. I agree with Carolyn Jacobs – same infrastructure issues as the previous application from TW, which cannot be resolved. The ‘new’ wording about building ‘being focussed on the southern end’ doesn’t mean anything…. the development could still cover most of the land!! And I agree with Jan Smith, only a matter of time before what land remained would go for housing.

    With regard to increased traffic problems, this was clearly illustrated yesterday during the Re-dedication ceremony of the Statue of Victory. The large volume of traffic trying to get through Horndean village – which was only intermittently closed – was an eye-opener, and this on a Sunday afternoon.

    I feel that any further housing north if the village is unsustainable, and that should also include Crookley Park, and any other land in the village, that creates further traffic passing through the mini-roundabout adjacent to the statue.

    (With respect to Crookley Park, I think it would be a travesty if any of the land there is allowed for development; the site is full of mature trees that are hundreds of years old. The development of flats in the village boasts just the one sapling – as far as can be seen from the road – and one rectangle of grass!)


    • Totally agree with Carolyn and Wendy’s comments. Just because they have proposed a lesser number of houses, does not mean we do not have exactly the same issues and concerns in regards to the infrastructure, house prices and spoiling out beautiful countryside.
      Again, if they were allowed to build any houses here, then it would be a harder fight to stave off any future builds
      Yes, please let us know when any further information is available

  8. I clicked on the link to take me to the Taylor Wimpey update site. It has all of the original documents and no new as of yet. Slack! Do we need these houses? Properties for sale in Green Lane and 700 new ones soon in land east of Horndean. I have seen these villages change so much in my lifetime. I used to live in the countryside where my family and ancestors have worked and lived for centuries. I now feel cars rule the roads and we have lost our village culture and traditions. I spoke to a North Horndean resident of 8 years, the other day that did not know we have a family butcher in Clanfield or a telephone exchange in Horndean, they just commute each day.

  9. Where is the control local people were promised by David Cameron? Does the feedback given to Taylor Wimpey (cf. letter to residents 17.7.14) indicate that the EHDC is minded to give approval to this latest plan ? Is it a done deal? Heaven help is if traffic calming promised turns out to yet more dreadful humps ! I was one of the few who did not object to social housing close to a proivately owned estate in West London. I am not a nimby. It will be the thin end of the wedge however if the White Dirt project goes ahead in any form – green light for more vandalism further up the hill to the north. The field to be built on is a landscape jewel and if built on the whole of the little valley in which it is situated will be built up on both sides from one end to the other.

    • Hi Alexander, EHDC have not seen and revised plans, and and from all conversations with them are against development on the site due to landscape and other reasons. Even the ‘Land East Of Horndean’ which the community supports is not a ‘Done Deal’, there is no such thing.

      The land, as you rightly note, is key landscape in the community.

      Until we see the application we will not know what we are fighting.

      Keep watching here, as soon as an application arrives I will post details here. Guy.

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