2 comments on “Solar Farm Proposal Emerges

  1. Guy your against this because of the effect on wildlife habitat? But your happy for 700 Homes plus school plus commercial unit and all the vehicles that come with this massive development, what would you say is a good number of vehicles that will come off this site daily,? 1400 or over 2000 because of the employment, the school and the residents, what would you put the numbers at Guy?

    • Steve. The LEOH development is going to introduce traffic and the community at large knows this. What is clear is that if this continues to be on sites like the Havant Road site in Horndean then 100% of the traffic each way goes through our village roads. If the proposed White Dirt Farm development were allowed then every single car journey from the 135 homes would have brought additional traffic into and out of the village. I think, and I am confident the community does too, that LEOH gives the best chance to minimise the impact of future development on our village roads.

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