5 comments on “Crookley Park Consultation

  1. The image of the Turley leaflet states that the meeting at Napier Hall is 10th June …..assume they mean July??

  2. I was able to give people a “heads-up” to this in the Catherington Village Newsletter which I sent out by email last night.

    You have been able to provide us all with more detail – for which many thanks.

    We certainly need to keep our wits about us and keep a close eye on this.

    Hopefully there will be a substantial turn out on Thursday next week.



  3. If this goes through we can effectively say good-bye to Blendworth which will just become absorbed into Horndean. I see we are also likely to get a solar farm.

  4. Hi Guy, Presumably the consultation takes place on 10 JULY as opposed to 10 JUNE. Many thanks for all your blogs – brilliant communication avenue for local matters. Regards

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