5 comments on “Something is up, but what exactly?

  1. Please please not a Tesco Express. I do so want to see Spar being successful. I like Guy’s idea of small shops. I was so disappointed when they disappeared from the original Gales development plans

  2. Hi Guy , why don’t you go and see the land owener and find out for your self . All the best John.


  3. Hi Guy, I know little about planning, shopping precincts, etc., but I do agree with Jean about Tesco Express. Looking at the London Road, Waterlooville Tesco Express site – garish colours especially for a village setting, no space for parking, so shoppers will have to park in surrounding residential roads. Also, Tesco ‘colours’ would not be in keeping with the Horndean village appearance. We already have a very good Spar just opposite who also provide additional services e.g. parcel service.

    Is it the case that the new shopping centre will be owned by one management company??

    I am also ever hopeful that the existing shopping ‘precinct’ (!) built around the time I moved into Horndean, will be given a complete ‘makeover’ in the near future!

    Sorry Guy…my last question on this particular topic is the worst one: is there going to be a car park for Horndean Village visitors??!! (I guess someone has to ask!)


    And finally, we noticed that the small unit adjacent to the Blendworth Church Centre appears to be closed. Is that piece of land to be developed? If not, it would be a good place for a car park!!

  4. exactly what we want – a decent small shopping area which will be a pleasure to visit and bring people into the village centre – please please not a Tesco Express

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