3 comments on “Land East Of Horndean Plans

  1. Why not make the stipulation that planning for land east of Horndean will only be given if proposed development on WDF does not proceed permanently.
    I think the any dev. of land east of Horndean should give serious consideration to regular bus transport as the increase in traffic will be very considerable

  2. Can you please tell me how much percentage of this new developement will be social housing and will it all be owned by local housing authorities to provide homes for Local East Hants families?

    • Hi Jac, 40% is affordable housing. Some will be rent, some shared ownership and other types like care etc. I do not believe a provider has been identified. It is EHDC policy to provide first choice to residents in the parish, then adjacent parishes, then wider in EHDC. Criteria is working in the parish, or having family who live there. Guy.

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