6 comments on “The Ghastly Views Of Pyle Farm

  1. How I agree with Mark. on both counts – appreciating very much Guy’s work for us as a councillor but worried about how we are rushing along with the Hazleton site to save the WDF one. I’m not sure if everyone realises it is not just the piece of land at Hazleton Farm but so much more. Though the land at Hazleton Farm is less of a loss I do have concerns that these houses will just be a big estate on the outskirts of Horndean with everyone commuting elsewhere so no loyalty at all to Horndean as a village.

    Looking at the WDF one, there is a loss of wonderful green space but considering it from a community point of view, the houses there would be within walking distance of Clanfield village centre and on a bus route so residents would be more likely to use local facilities

  2. I second (or is that third??) the good comments from Mark Foster about Guy, who is working very hard on our behalf. I also agree fully with Mark’s comments about the possibility that both WDF and Hazleton/Pyle may going ahead which I am sure none of us would wish to see. Again, as Mark says, the government needs to get it’s figures in balance with respect to our fast-growing population. Recently, I looked at the ONS website, and was dismayed (to put it mildly) at some of the statistics.

    This is a national issue and I believe Mark is right – delay tactics are vital.

    The loss of wildlife which comes from developing open countryside on the current scale also concern me, and here, opposite WDF, we have our resident buzzards regularly soaring across the sky, plus a variety of woodland and field birds, and resident foxes, badgers and deer.

  3. The proposal for WDF is approx. 220 houses and Horndean has to take 700. We risk losing two areas of beautiful open land instead of just one if we don’t focus on Pyle/Hazelton Farms to take the full quota. I agree with everything said in the above comments regarding wildlife etc. but don’t except the argument regarding the bus route……the buses don’t get used now, there’s no reason to believe new dwellers would utilise them either……as a nation we love the convenience and speed of our cars too much!

  4. It is interesting to see the pictures that Mark has posted as it shows quite clearly that his property overlooks the field at ‘Pyle Farm’ which is potentially where some of the building could take place. What needs to be remembered is that there was once an even better view over ‘Pyle Farm’ from Pescotts Poultry Farm, but this was built on and is now where one of Mark’s houses resides ! Unfortunately the population keeps growing and so does the need for housing. If my house was adjacent to potential development, I would also be concerned and I don’t blame Mark for his comments but I would be making sure, that if the build was to go ahead, that I was getting the best out of it, rather than just trying to delay the inevitable. I also agree with all the comments regarding the animals and the owls etc but please remember that by simply walking to the other side of Pyle/Hazleton farms you are suddenly in The South Downs national park, an area of 628 square miles which is fully protected and will prevent any further building to the East of horndean, and a perfect home for all the wildlife. The building will happen whether we want it or not, we just need to decide where and how we can influence it to benefit all of us….

  5. I have lived in Horndean for over fifty years , although I have no wish to see the village ruined it makes me cross to continually come up against this not in my back yard attitude .
    Especially from people that live in houses that have been built in the last fifteen years on what was farmland , the population increases and people need to live somewhere . I believe the Hazleton / Pyle farms site an excellent place to build quality homes that can be spread out over a large area ,also providing many community benefits . Instead of either trying to cram even more houses into smaller sites or up against the motorway which might suit some of the people who have commented on this blog but I for one want a better type of development for my children to live in !
    I must say I agree with the comment about the south downs national park , that’s there ( and righty so ) to protect the countryside and the wild life in it , we do not need another area of land that can’t be built on between existing development and the sdnp boundary . On reflection I feel that this is the best place for housing , it has good access and building this side of the village centre instead of the west side would balance the settlement out .
    Nobody ever wants development but if we have to have it ( and we obviously do ) then let’s have a quality development for future generations .

  6. Lets face it, there will soon be no local deer, foxes, badgers anything natural as housing encroaches on their land unless they are able to become urbanized. The WDF should not be built on as it is now the only area without housing along this road and gives the feel of a rural aspect. It would appear that there aren’t hordes of people able to buy these houses and the main requirement is in the London commuter area but someone has decided to spread the housing requirement over the country instead of dealing with the issue of London.

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