2 comments on “Horndean Parish Council Fury

  1. Having received a letter from Taylor Wimpey today (18/07/14) with a revised plan for the area,it still seems that they regard this as a done deal. All be it with a few alterations. This in no way reflects the views of the majority of people who went to the presentation. It seems that “consultation” means we listen but do what we want anyway. There is no respect for the concerns of the local population,just how much money can be made,because it has no direct impact in those associated to Taylor Wimpey.

    • Hi Bill, the Land East Of Horndean plans have the potential for full support as long as we get the right community facilities. Even an application which has this potential for support could not be considered a ‘done deal’. I fully agree that Taylor Wimpey are very bullish about their proposals, but of all the applications we have this will be the toughest fight. I also agree that the quality of their consultation has been very very poor. Keep watching here for updates and how we fight the plans. Guy.

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