4 comments on “Horndean Housing Consultation

  1. I went to the ” con ..sultation” and came out with the impression that it is a done deal. The reps were telling us what the builders are going to do.Not what they would like to do if given the opportunity. They had no real answers to any of the issues that were raised with them,ie infrastructure,road conjestion,impact on nature etc, because they are not interested. The meeting seemed to be an insult to so called democracy. They are just going through the motions. They have no interest what so ever in the concerns of the local population who the builders and EHDC seem to be treating with contempt.

    • Hi, Feedback from a lot of people was that Taylor Wimpey were putting it about that the development was going to happen, and the forms were very leading and gave the inference there was little opportunity to raise serious objections to this. I agree that the quality of the consultation was poor, and one of the least informative and most inaccurate I have seen. I also agree that their interest in the local community is low as their objective is to get a profitable development site if they at all can. I am truly concerned if you think EHDC are treating the local population with contempt and would appreciate knowing why you feel this? Hopefully you have seen from the pages of this blog that local Councillors and EHDC feel the landscape value of this site is of great value to the community, and we are holding a consultation (Merchistoun Hall 21st, 22nd March) to form an allocation plan to help protect the local sites that are valuable to the community. Please do let me know, Guy.

      • Good Day Mr Shepherd.

        Thankyou for your quick reply to my mail. Please accept my appologies with regard to my statement concening the integrity of E.H.D.C. This was in no way meant as a negative comment about you and your fellow councillors but rather a case of mis information being passed to me.

        I have since addressed this issue.

        I continue to support your stance and look forward to further updates concerning this issue.

        As an additional thought. Is there any mileage in looking at the brown field site adjacent to Morrisons. A lot of those units seemed to have been empty a long time. Just ripe for redevelopment.

        Regards W Roberts

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