5 comments on “Downwood Way Flooding Update

  1. Maybe the proposed alterations to the soakaway will alleviate the same problem that we have had for several years in The Vale, being that we are upstream of the Downwood Way flooding?

  2. The proposed solution to the Downwood Way flooding seems to be to divert the excess water that the soak-away cannot cope with to a permanent drainage system, presumably the foul drain. The proposed White Dirt Farm Development will significantly increase the pressure on this system and to divert excess surface water to the same system may result in the foul drain backing up into peoples homes. I understand that this already happens in Godwin Close. This solution, therefore, needs to be carefully managed and coordinated so that it is taken into account when planning consent for additional housing in the area is under consideration.

  3. Guy, just to let you know that Downwood Way was again flooded today. It wasn’t as bad as it has been but it was half way across the road.

    Also, Horndean village had some flooding, outside where the new builders entrance is. It has never occurred there before



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